ACCBR Power Rankings: 1/28/20

This list has become an act of futility. A kiss of death. A parody of itself. Whatever negative connotation you prefer to use, that is it. I refuse to accept the blame however, as this league has become so dramatic and nonsensical that literally anything can, and has, happened. Clemson won in Chapel Hill. Georgia Tech is winning road games and losing home games. Trey McGowens is averaging more points per game in his last three road games than his last three home games. The ACC world is upside down, but I remain vigilant in my duties to provide these weekly power rankings, albeit a bit later than usual.


RankTeamOverallACCQ1 RecordHaslamKenpomNET Rank
1Florida State17-27-13-1241715
6Virginia Tech14-65-42-4726650
7Georgia Tech9-114-61-6858483
10North Carolina St14-75-52-2625760
11Boston College10-104-51-3182164153
12Notre Dame11-82-61-5606271
13North Carolina10-103-63-5838393
15Wake Forest9-102-70-4140106109

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