ACC Basketball Report is a blog dedicated to the best NCAA men’s basketball conference in the country, the Atlantic Coast Conference. It is a source for game previews, game notes, recruiting and player news.

Mychal Hunter-Founder/Owner/Editor: I started ACC Baskeball Report in the Summer of 2017 out of pure love for the conference. I am a die hard Georgia Tech fan for better or worse since 1995, but watch all the teams in the conference. I am also a contributor at Busting Brackets which is a fansided site. Join me every week on the ACC Basketball Report podcast, which can be found on Apple, Podbean, Stitcher and Soundcloud. You can follow me @ACCBR1 on twitter or contact me at accbasketballreport@gmail.com

Charlie Manolakis-Contributor: Charlie joined ACCBR right after the New Year 2019. He is a North Carolina graduate, fan and self described “KenPom Junkie” who is also working on developing some metrics of his very own. You can follow Charlie on twitter @charliemano8

Kinchen Taylor-Contributor: Hailing from the 252, otherwise known as Eastern North Carolina, Kinchen loves dishing out the hot takes for all things ACC. Big Kat is a NC State alum and fan, and is not afraid to speak his opinion. He does so through his bi-weekly posts dubbed “Korner 3s”. When not contributing to ACCBR, you can follow his thoughts and ramblings on Twitter @kinchen1andonly

Johnathon Warriner-Resident Bracketologist: Johnathon is the owner of makingthemadness.com. He is a five year contributor to Bracket Matrix and was the third place Bracketologist in 2019. You can follow him @Bracketologist3 on twitter

The Chimp-Contributor/Specialist: The Chimp is our quintessential glue guy here at ACCBR. The Chimp is our resident gambler. He is also a voter in the ACCBR power rankings and contributor, but only on topics he feels passionately about, such as bananas, Blake Lovell’s beard and Tracy Wolfson. You can follow him @CarayChimp on twitter

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