ACCBR: The Dream Final Four

So, we toss topics around on the Rockin25 message board quite frequently. One topic that unfortunately did not make it on to the show recently was: “pick your Final Four.” Now, I am a person that not only dislikes the Final Four predictions, but I despise it. How can you predict something that is so dependent on a multitude of events that haven’t happened yet. What if all four teams are in the same bracket?

However, with roughly six weeks left until Selection Sunday, I know which quartet of teams I would love to see in Atlanta on that final weekend. Hell, I even know the match-ups that I want to see. Here they are:

Seton Hall vs Gonzaga

You can hit me with television ratings or whatever you want, but I believe that Gonzaga is America’s team. I don’t know anyone that has ever said: “Man, I really can’t stand that Mark Few guy, what a jerk.” Do we really need to see Bill Self or Tom Izzo get there and lose again? Next!

I also need as much Myles Powell in my life as possible before he goes off to the NBA and I never see him again. Plus, you want to talk about ratings? How about the best scoring offense in the nation in Gonzaga (89 points per game) against the National Player of the Year in Powell. Assuming Markus Howard doesn’t Tonya Harding him.

If you needed an additional wrinkle, Romaro Gill vs Fillip Petrusev. If you don’t recognize either of those names, get out…but come back if we get this match-up. Also, simply listening to the announcers try to get the names out would be worth your time. Petrusev. Mamukelashvili. Obiagu. Tillie. Cale. Ayayi. Timme. It would be delicious.

Florida State vs Dayton

It has to be widely known by now that, in the interim, I am wearing a Florida State hat. Leonard Hamilton is a man that needs a statue. You can put it at my house if you’d like. I was riding shotgun on the Devin Vassell train (@Bracketlogist3 was driving) before the season started and he has somehow exceeded my expectations. Trent Forrest was my ACC Defensive Player of the Year in the preseason and while he is unlikely to receive the award, he’s been what I expected. M.J. Walker has realized his potential during ACC play while Anthony Polite, Malik Osborne, and Raiquan Gray are the very definition of solid. Oh, and now Wyatt Wilkes is getting in on the action.

In Dayton, you simply have the most talented player in the nation in Obi Toppen leading an offense that is so much more than just him. Jalen Crutcher, Ibi Watson and Trey Landers are all shooters and all shoot better than 40% from behind the arc. Head Coach Anthony Grant boasts a roster of six players averaging at least 7.9 points per game and shoots 38% from deep…as a team!

Can you imagine watching Obi Toppen and Patrick Williams guarding each other? You would have to wear a welding mask the future would be so bright in that match-up.

Gonzaga vs Dayton

Who cares who wins? The score would be 91-90. Again, ratings would be no issue.

By the way, Gonzaga would win, and then I would publish an end of the year top 25 and rank them second behind Dayton. Because Gonzaga fans are getting a little uppity.

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