ACCBR’s Top Returning ACC Players: #12 Wynston Tabbs

We are now inside the dirty dozen. Number 12 on the ACCBR countdown is Boston College shooting guard Wynston Tabbs. As most of you are aware, it was recently released that Tabbs will be forced to miss the upcoming season due to left knee surgery. Initially, I was going to call an audible, move some things around and exclude him, but then I realized that an injury doesn’t make him any less of a player (that we know of), and he should be recognized for being the player that I, and others, expected him to be in 2019-20.

Tabbs is another example in the “Jim Christian can really coach guards” story. Similar to Jerome Robinson and Ky Bowman before him, Tabbs was not very highly regarded as an incoming freshman last season. He peaked in the 2018 recruiting rankings at #128, but was north of 240 in the final rankings. Also like Robinson and Bowman, he ended up being a player from the moment he arrived in Chestnut Hill, putting up 46 total points in his first three games. Now, those games weren’t against the stiffest competition, I recognize that. In fact, the Eagle’s entire out of conference slate was fairly lacking in terms of competition, save tilts with Minnesota, Providence, and Depaul. It should be noted that Tabbs averaged north of 16 points per game in those contests as well though.

When BC stepped up competition and moved into league play, Wynston was still formidable. The 6’3 guard averaged 11.3 points, 2.7 rebounds, and 1.7 assists in games against Virginia, Notre Dame and Florida State.

Due to injuries, he was limited to just 15 games in 2018-19, during which he put up an impressive 13.9 points, 3.9 rebounds, and 2.7 assists. He didn’t show a tremendous ability to shoot it from deep, hitting at only a 32% rate, but showed a nice ability to get to the stripe, averaging 3.8 free throw attempts per contest. That number was good for 10th in the ACC among guards. Tabbs was also the only player in the entire country to log 200 points, 50 rebounds and 40 assists in fewer than 500 minutes played last season, for whatever that is worth.

Although we will not have the pleasure of seeing Wynston on the court this season, his return in 2020-21 should give Eagles fans something to look forward to as he will team up with former top 100 recruit and Providence Friar Makai Ashton-Langford to makeup the BC backcourt. Ashton-Langford is sitting out the upcoming season due to transfer rules. Hopefully the surgery will resolve the issues Tabbs has endured over the last ten months and gets him back on the court where he belongs.

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