ACCBR’s Top Returning ACC Players: #11 Brandon Childress

We kicked off the dirty dozen with a player that is currently injured in Wynston Tabbs. We might as well continue it with a player that may possess the most controversial ranking on the list. At #11, Wake Forest point guard Brandon Childress.

I was a believer in Childress last season when nobody else was and I listed him on my Breakout 8 without much hesitation. While he may not be the most efficient player on the list, the fact that he is the only consistent perimeter scoring option at Wake Forest and still manages to put up numbers says something to me.

In 2018-19, Childress scored in double figures 28 times for the Demon Deacons. Not bad. Was there an 0-11 and an 0-12 last season? Sure was. But hey, we all have those games. Or at least I do. Lets play a little game. These are three ACC players from the 2018-19 season.

Player A16.24.141.947.437.454.677.821.9
Player B9.
Player C14.73.841.538.336.849.179.616.5

It should be fairly obvious who one of them is, the other is an NBA first round draft pick, and the other is Brandon Childress. I’m not saying, I’m just saying, Childress might be getting a bum rap.

If you listened to any ACC games last season, you know that Childress and his father, Wake Forest legend and assistant coach Randolph Childress, form the highest father son scoring duo in ACC history. Brandon should eclipse career milestones of 1,000 points, 400 assists, 300 rebounds, and 125 steals this season. Since 1992-93, only Bryant Crawford and Ish Smith have put up those numbers. It should be noted that his dad missed the cut by two rebounds. I am not saying Childress is Justin Gray or Robert O’Kelley, but he is an ACC caliber guard.

Childress saw his usage rate rise to over 22% last season, while his minutes per game headed north of 36. The increases caused a rise in his total turnovers and turnovers per game, his turnover percentage remained constant. In fact, his per 40 and per 100 possession turnover numbers actually decreased, albeit minimally.

Wake Forest has an interesting roster this season and Childress will once again put up numbers, however, the expectations are still extremely low surrounding this Demon Deacons team. If they are going to be a formidable squad in the ACC in 2019-20, Childress is going to need some help from Chaundee Brown and Isaiah Mucius.

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