10 for Tuesday, on Monday. Predictions for College Basketball 2017-18

I am so excited about the return of College Basketball this week that I am going to step outside of the ACC for a few days and put out some thoughts on the college basketball landscape as a whole. Some teams I am not quite sold on, some players I love, some rankings I just don’t understand.

  1. Baylor will not make the tournament. Yeah, good way to start. Let’s just piss off an entire fan base right off the bat. I don’t see it outside of Lecomfe. Scott Drew is underrated, but I just don’t know where the production comes from.
  2. A team will dominate the AAC, but it won’t be Wichita State. Cincinnati is fucking LOADED, and will win the conference.
  3. Maryland will be the biggest surprise in the Power 6. I am buying into Jackson, Huerter and Cowan. Also, for what seems like the 8th year in a row, I think Jared Nickens realizes his potential.
  4. Georgia finishes dead last in the SEC. Another team that is getting  love that I just don’t understand. I am a sidewalk GT fan from Maine so that isn’t the reason. I see Yante Maten and……..no JJ Frazier.
  5. Oakland will go undefeated in the Horizon league. Kendrick Nunn is going to burn through this league like wildfire, and while the Jalen Hayes news sucks, at least the NCAA reduced the suspension to 4 games.
  6. Donte DiVencenzo will be in the Big East POTY discussion. I  love this kids game. Jay Wright runs an offense where his guards score a ton, and DD can score a ton.
  7. Keith Dambrot will finally get the respect he deserves, or at least it will finally start to come. The guy can flat out coach. It’s a shame that he is most well known for being Lebron’s HS coach instead of being automatic for 22-24 wins. Duquesne lost a lot, but they return Michael Lewis II.
  8. Saint Louis will open eyes in the A-10. I like Travis Ford, especially in the regular season. The Billikens get UCF transfer Adonys Henriquez and a couple nice freshman in this year. They seem to be the forgotten team in the A-10.
  9. Kentucky isn’t going to be “all that”. I see struggles in Big Blue Nation this year. Like, first world problems type struggles. They may not win the SEC. They may “only” make it to the sweet 16 for instance. I gotta see some shooting. They are going to rebound the shit out of the ball and run like hell, but I am interested to see them in the half court set.
  10. By the end of the season, you will know who Mike Daum is. Let’s be honest, you should by now anyway. This guy is a 6’9 250 pound freight train who shoots 42% from deep, and has some serious “old man” in his game. He is not a physical specimen or a high flyer, but he is smart and has great touch.

May do some more tomorrow.


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