The LaBarrie Situation

By Mychal Hunter

In what can only be described as a foregone conclusion, Darryl LaBarrie, Assistant Coach for the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, resigned yesterday. LaBarrie has been on administrative leave since late November.

Over the last six weeks or so it had become quite clear that Labarrie would not be back with the Georgia Tech program, as nothing that takes this long for the NCAA to sort out is going to end very well, unless you live in Chapel Hill and dump truckloads of cash into their coffers.

So what happened? That is the question that really needs to be answered here. The program, the NCAA and Coach DLab have all been very tight lipped about the situation but some little tidbits have managed to escape here and there.

  1. It involves a high profile (5* player) player that ultimately did not sign with GT.
  2. The incident occurred on an official visit.
  3. The player is currently playing at the college level.

Now, with a little bit of leg work it is not difficult to figure out who that player would be.

On the podcast, I recently got a little riled up about how the NCAA refuses to punish blue blood programs and I wondered aloud how the Billy Preston situation was going to be resolved after the 5* forward turned pro and left Kansas. All is seemingly quiet on that front and it looks as if that case is closed and will soon just be dust in the wind. Certainly no coincidence that as soon as Silvio De Sousa arrives on campus and Kansas finally gets some depth in its front court, the player under investigation decides it’s best to leave that program and start getting paid.

  1. Kansas gets a talented big man
  2. Preston starts getting paid
  3. Investigation into where the SUV came from goes away for KU
  4. NCAA doesn’t have to sanction a blue blood.

Shit, that’s a win, win, win and a big fat green win.

Here is what I am wondering now. If the alleged transgressions are enough to suspend and ultimately fire the coach involved, how come there has not been anything said about the player that is implicated? Is it because of where this player ended up? I certainly think so.

Could this all just be hearsay? That is certainly possible and it wouldn’t be the first time. I am sure that right after the season concludes the story will come out. Of course by then the player will be safely in the NBA and the NCAA’s money truck won’t be the victim of collateral damage.


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