Wake Forest Coaching Options

The Wake Forest Demon Deacons relieved Danny Manning of his coaching duties on Saturday. The timing of the change is interesting but also brilliant. The Deac’s are the only power 6 opening in the country and are basically only competing against their own reputation.

I am of the opinion that you don’t pay a buyout of nearly $15MM only to skimp on the replacement. I would then assume that Wake is able to make a substantial offer to Manning’s replacement. Here are the top options:

1-Wes Miller-UNC-Greensboro

The easiest option. Miller is 104-34 over the past four seasons at UNC-G and is consistently one of the best mid majors in the country. Miller is a Charlotte native that played at North Carolina but Wake Forest has been long rumored to covet his devices.

2-Steve Forbes-East Tennessee State

This is more about Forbes than Wake Forest. Simply put, Forbes is a good coach that has somehow not moved up in recent seasons. He is 130-43 at ETSU and has the SoCon power consistently in the NCAA Tournament conversation. He is a concern given his time under Bruce Pearl but let’s get over it already.

3-Pat Kelsey-Winthrop

Kelsey is an interesting cat. He comes from the Skip Prosser coaching tree and is a quality coach but he comes with some baggage. Kelsey accepted the UMass job only to later flake and then there is the situation at Xavier. He did have Winthrop into the NCAA Tournament prior to its cancellation I. 2020 but there are obvious concerns. My opinion? The guy can coach and Wake can do worse.

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