ACCBR Off-Topic: Corona Exposure means something else.

At this point we have all been touched by the coronavirus in some way, shape, or form. The food service industry is shut down, travel is limited, typical work days are anything but. The word “exposure” seems to mean something different during this pandemic however, as this virus has exposed us to health risks, while also exposing people, employers and magnitude of importance in almost every facet of life.

As of this entry, athletes and hollywood elite seem less important to our everyday existences and hallelujah for that. Actresses promoting themselves as influencers and activists by simply going make-up free is finally being recognized as being as ridiculous as it actually is instead of being praised. We have been without sports for a few weeks now and guess what? We are all fine. Finally, we are recognizing teachers, first responders, health care professionals and service industry personnel for the everyday heroes that they actually are.

Will this last? Doubtful. We are fantastic on stage but shit in rehearsal. I myself work for an industry (construction) that still believes that what we do is essential. I assure you that stripping stucco and placing siding is anything but essential. While some industries have shown they care, others have shown how much they really do not. My company spent most of 2019 requiring its employees read a Safety Book while preaching the establishment of a “Culture of Safety” while also conducting monthly book reviews and even stenciled the word “safety” into our mission statement on the conference room wall which they were oh so proud of. However, when the shit actually hit the fan and people are literally dying, where is that culture? Ah, wash your hands, you’ll be fine. Hell, work some Saturdays, expose yourself further. Let’s exploit this pandemic and use it as an opportunity to get things done while the public sits home in safety. Culture of safety.

This pandemic has brought our families closer, our communities back to what they once were, even if in a virtual setting. I am terrible at keeping in contact even with my closest friends and this situation has led to conversations with some of my oldest friends and relatives just to check on each other. A truly fantastic outcome.

So what is the point of this entry? The point is after this situation plateaus, let’s do our best to continue the love and appreciation we have for each other and certain industries while recognizing what’s important and what is not.

Be safe.

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