Transfer Tape joins Duke over Syracuse

We see it every year whether it be with recruits or transfers. Players just simply cannot wait to join “The Brotherhood”…*makes jerkoff motion*, for whatever reason. We have even seen some kids include Duke in their final list of programs when THEY DON’T EVEN HOLD AN OFFER from the Blue Devils. On Tuesday evening, Patrick Tape, a graduate transfer from Columbia became the most recent player that will transfer into the Blue Devils program and almost assuredly NEVER see the court.

Now, there may some underlying factors other than simply basketball here. The kid is a Columbia graduate with a degree in Urban Studies so maybe one of Duke’s graduate degree programs appeals to him. The 6’10 power forward is also a native of Charlotte so geography being what it is, there is a likely chance that he grew up as a Duke fan. All of this is speculation on my part of course, along with reading skills and seeing him quoted as saying that geography played a big part in his decision.

What is interesting about this move is that Tape is going to be BURIED on the depth chart unless some more questionable moves take place. Vernon Carey Jr. is going to the NBA, that much is obvious. But, Duke has a trio of top 50 recruits coming into the program that all play either the four spot or the pivot. Mark Williams, Jaemyn Brakefield and Henry Coleman are all very highly regarded incoming recruits while Wendell Moore should return as well. Then there is the seemingly up-in-the-air status of Matthew Hurt who probably should return as well but is also a transfer candidate according to some twitter conspiracy theorists.

Let us not forget that Joey Baker is still with the team to be disrespected whenever Coach K sees fit. Baker might be a big part of the upcoming season or he might play 4 minutes per game. He seems content with either.

The other side to this coin is my long standing conspiracy theory when it comes to Coach K. He just did it to screw with an ACC competitor. The fact that the competitor is Syracuse and his buddy Jim Boeheim only amuses me further. It’s not the first time either, K just did it to Boeheim a few years ago with Jordan Tucker. Tucker was ready (and some believe already had) to commit to Syracuse. When Duke missed on Kevin Knox, they courted Tucker. Of course, it took about four days to get him on campus and about 17 more minutes to get him to commit, only to bury him on the bench, force him to transfer to anyone other than a fellow ACC program. Putting the ASS in CLASS baby.

Again, just speculation.

Hopefully Tape enjoys his time in Durham and went into the decision fully aware of what his graduate transfer year will entail.

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