ACCBR Power Rankings: 3/3/20

Well here we are. Are you ready? Because it happens today. Some of you may look perplexed, some of you may be wondering what perplexed means. Today is the day that we welcome a new member of the ACC to the top three. This isn’t the NET people, you can’t lose 3 of 5 and remain in the top three when the team directly beneath you A) beats you, and B) wins six consecutive games while you’re staring at the rafters at glory passed trying to find yourself.

Today, we welcome Virginia to the upper echelon. The elite. The Meths. If you don’t understand that last one, watch Altered Carbon, thank me later.

I don’t have a whole lot to say otherwise. You can read about Georgia Tech dropping their appeal here. You can read my thoughts on tonight’s Tennessee/Kentucky match-up here.


RankTeamOverallACCQ1 RecordHaslamKenpomNET Rank
1Florida State24-514-45-4101611
5NC State18-129-104-5575557
7Notre Dame18-119-92-6566258
9Georgia Tech15-149-92-7737577
10Boston College13-167-111-617417087
11Virginia Tech15-146-123-7100103149
12Wake Forest13-156-122-89491100

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