ACCBR Power Rankings: 2/10/20

Is the league stabilizing? Not quite, but the picture is starting to become a bit clearer. Virginia Tech is doing what I expected, though they had me fooled for a minute. My bad for being the kiss of death. The Hokies have now lost five in a row and six of seven games to fall completely out of the tournament conversation. Georgia Tech has identified Mike Devoe as the next career they are going to waste, and Miami and Wake Forest are just duking it out for the basement.

In an unplanned development, North Carolina has lost three straight games and somehow moves up from 13th to 10th. Why? Because I believe that the team that lost to Duke on Saturday would defeat all the teams mentioned in the first paragraph by about a billion.

I can’t fault Virginia for losing a close game at Louisville, not gonna do it. How about them Fightin’ Irish? Notre Dame now sits at 6-6 in league play and that insane preseason prediction I made about them winning more ACC games than Virginia seems almost possible.

Syracuse almost did the most NC State thing ever, blowing a 16-point second half lead to Wake Forest of all people. Syracuse pulled it out however, because Jim Boeheim is the east coach version of the same kind of treasure that Bill Walton is and it would be a dull tournament without him. Speaking of NC State, who would have predicted back in October that February 16, 2020, North Carolina State at Boston College would be a game that could keep State from dancing.

Boston College, the metrics hate em. I love em. Jay Heath, fantastic. Speaking of fantastic, how about Justin Champagnie. The kid is electric. He’s just, damn good and becomes the most recent installment of “players who have career days against Georgia Tech.”

Here they are folks!!! The update version of the ACCBR Power Rankings:

RankTeamOverallACCQ1 RecordHaslamKenpomNET Rank
3Florida State20-310-23-2181913
5Notre Dame15-86-61-4515551
8Boston College12-126-71-5146147141
9North Carolina St15-86-62-2617062
10North Carolina10-133-93-6688989
12Georgia Tech11-135-81-6678181
13Virginia Tech14-105-82-51099779
15Wake Forest10-133-100-710699104

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