ACCBR Power Rankings: 2/4/2020

Why? Every week that is what I ask myself. Why is this conference so much fun this season?! For real though, this list is a weekly act of futility, but one of these times the list is going to have a good week.

A little reasoning behind this weeks entry, the transitive property means NOTHING. If I had to use that in any kind of way to justify where teams are ranked we would have the top three and then everyone else would be ranked 4th and 8th. Most of this is splitting hairs between each team’s last two to three games and how they have performed along with how I think they would perform against the teams directly above and below them. It’s the only way to put it together without using my shoelaces for something other than their intended purpose.

Here we go:

RankTeamOverallACCQ1 RecordHaslamKenpomNET Rank
3Florida State19-39-24-3202115
6Notre Dame14-84-61-4595763
8Boston College11-115-61-5165162147
9North Carolina St14-85-62-4657069
11Virginia Tech14-85-62-5918562
12Georgia Tech10-124-71-6879289
13North Carolina10-123-83-7899593
15Wake Forest10-113-81-5114105107

So. Yeah. Boston College is at eight. You know what? They are at least winning games. Two of their last three against teams that should have beaten them. They just won in Chapel Hill in a game in which Cole Anthony scored 26 points. Check this out, when Nik Popovic plays, the Eagles are 3-2 in ACC play. They are 6-7 with him overall, but let’s ignore that for the purposes of my argument.

I could no longer support the Florida State at #1 selection. They dropped a tough game against Virginia in JPJ, but that is not why I dropped them down. They just haven’t been playing all that well lately and Duke is currently having a stretch where they are starting to look locked in. Of course, that will only last until their next inexplicable loss. The Blue Devils are in Chestnut Hill tonight, I’m just saying.

Speaking of Virginia, nice win at home. The Hoos are kind of putting it together of late, having won a couple in a row and three of their last four in conference. Their offense has averaged at least 0.91 points per possession in each of their last four games which is a solid improvement upon their 0.79 PPP on the season. For a comparison, Duke averages 0.97 points per possession on the season which ranks in them in the 95th percentile in the nation.

Any other questions, comments or concerns, you all know where to find me.

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