ACCBR Power Rankings: 1/19/20

What a crazy weekend. But then again, I feel like I say that every Sunday lately. As I write this Wake Forest is currently up by 12 on Boston College. Coming into yesterday I would have thought that there was zero chance that I would have Duke where they are, but if David Johnson is going to be the star that he appears to be developing into, Louisville’s ceiling just went a little higher.

The biggest tumble this week was Georgia Tech after losing at home to a Virginia team that had lost three in a row. In front a decent crowd, on a night when they are honoring the 1990 final four team the Jackets couldn’t shake the turnover tendency that has plagued them all season.

North Carolina continues to be historically bad. Ole Roy wasn’t wrong when he said this is the least talented team he has had. I’m not sure if you are supposed to say that out loud, but it should motivate his team to perform better than they did in the first half against Pittsburgh on Saturday.

Well, I rambled enough on this mornings podcast, you guys are here to see this week’s rankings, and here they are. I added some additional information for you this week as well as it will be time for tournament talk in about five to six weeks.

TeamHaslam RankKenpom RankNET Rank
1Florida State241613
4Virgina Tech545644
5NC State484648
9Notre Dame686174
10Georgia Tech1028896
13Boston College188169162
14North Carolina 11391121
15Wake Forest167110119

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