ACCBR #77: Yasir Rosemund

Today on ACCBR, I play “what do we know”? after the first week of basketball in the ACC has concluded. How do you feel about starting the season with a conference game? I let you know my thoughts. I am then joined by Yasir Rosemund (@Coach_Ya) and we discuss the state of recruiting on both a national level as well as the state of Georgia specifically. Yasir is a long-time Power 6 assistant coach who played and coached at Oregon and was on staff at Georgia and Alabama in recent seasons. He is also one of the best recruiters in the southeast with a reputation as a “point guard whisperer.”

Would Georgia Tech have a leg up with an African American Coach? Was Mark Fox too clean to succeed at Georgia? Is there a market for college kids in their school’s cities for money-making endorsements? Why did Jaylen Brown attend Cal? How much is the media overblowing the corruption in College Basketball recruiting?

These topics are all discussed in this episode. I hope you enjoy.

Twitter: @ACCBR1

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