‘Cone’s Notebook 11/6/19

On Tuesday night, we had one half of the league playing to celebrate the launch of the ACC Network. Last night, the other half of the league took the court and once again, we have some things to talk about. Now, for those wondering, I am not going to talk about everything, because I have a podcast to do this weekend, these are just simple observations for me over the course of the evening that might be interesting.

The DNP’s

Nothing tremendously shocking here from last night, but for there are some names that I wanted to see.

Khadin Shedrick-Virginia: Justin McKoy saw a few minutes in the first half, but looked really uncomfortable. After that, it was a rotation of Diakite, Key and Huff in the front court, along with a backcourt rotation of Clark, Morsell, Woldetensae and Stattman.

Jairus Hamilton-BC: Didn’t log any time last night, he has some sort of injury, but I am not entirely sure what it is. Brother Jared also left the game with an injury

Karim Coulibaly-Pitt: The freshman big man played in the exhibition against Slippery Rock, but couldn’t find his way into the game last night against FSU. Coach Capel went with Eric Hamilton and Justin Champagnie instead. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

Robert Braswell-Syracuse: Another one that was not a huge shock, but I want to see him on the floor because he is a highlight waiting to happen. Jesse Edwards saw a few minutes last night, but for the most part it was Dolezaj (40 minutes) and Sidibe (22 mins) in taking up the front court minutes.

Virginia’s starting five

This was an interesting development as Virginia coach Tony Bennett went with Tomas Woldetensae instead of Jay Huff. It was also heavily rumored that Kody Stattman would start over freshman Casey Morsell, that didn’t happen either, though no one told the ACC Network’s graphics person.

Both Morsell and Woldetensae struggled against that Syracuse zone so we will have to see if Coach Bennett goes to Huff and Stattman I’m game two.

Cole Anthony is for real

Something y’all probably didn’t need to be told. Before we get to the game, my guy came out stylin’ with prescription glasses that were a far cry from Ho Grant or Chris Sabo. Anyways, 34 points, 10 rebounds, and five assists in 37 minutes played. He got rid of the glasses and then nailed two huge triples in the second half so, maybe he is so good that he doesn’t need to see?

Notre Dame continues to shoot poorly

I talked about it on the podcast and in the preseason, Notre Dame simply can’t shoot the ball. Last season, the Irish were the worst shooting team of Coach Mike Brey’s entire career. In the exhibition against Capital, they were awful again. Nothing changed Wednesday night as the Irish went 9-31 from behind the arc. The Irish are deep and experienced, but if they don’t figure this out, it could be a third straight long season for Irish fans.

Syracuse already loves JG3

The Syracuse faithful started cheering as soon as Joe Girard stood up and approached the scorers table last night. They continued to cheer him when he touched the ball, desperately craving the offense he displayed at nearby Glen Falls. He was a star before ever stepping into the Carrier Some

Jay Heath another gem for Christian?

The three star combo guard looks like another nice pull from the mid-Atlantic region for Eagles coach Jim Christian. The D.C. native had 18 points, 5 rebounds, 4 assists, and a steal in Boston College’s 77-70 win over Wake Forest.


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