The Up 20, Down 20 Guys

College Basketball season is less than 25 days away. ACC Media day has come and gone and we are seeing preseason predictions for Coach of the Year, Player of the Year, Defensive Player of the Year, and all conference selections. These are fun, create buzz, and recognize the stars of the ACC and other conferences across the country.

Today, I wanted to post a preseason all conference team you won’t see anywhere else. The All-ACC Mop Up team.

The 2019-20 ALL ACC Mop Up Team is comprised of guys that typically only see the floor when their team either up, or down, by 20+ points very late in the game.

This post is not meant to mock anyone or be demeaning. I have tremendous respect and admiration for the guys that get zero recognition. They show up to practice every day and work their asses off just like the top 6 or 7 guys in the rotation. These guys: 1) Run scout team. 2) Take elbows to the head and face. 3) Get nailed by screens. 4) Get dunked on all the time. All to help their team prepare for the next opponent. Here goes….

1st Team

F- Caleb Ellis (UNC) 6-5 180- This kid has paid his dues. Having played on the JV team at UNC for 2 years, Caleb moved up to the Varsity team last season and played in 19 games. He shot an astounding 67% from behind the arc. 4 of 6 is not a large sample size but still…

G- Justin Lindner (FSU) 6-1 180- Lindner is an All academic everything. This kid is in his 4th year with the ‘Noles and I would be shocked he’s not universally loved by his coaches and teammates.

G- Anthony Starzynski (Pitt) 6-3 190- Anthony is a local kid who has been in the program 3 years and has appeared in eleven game, seven last season. Suffered through the Kevin Stallings’ winless season and survived the coaching transition and roster flip. Rooting for you, Anthony.

G- Coleman Boyd (Ga.Tech) 6-1 173- A local product for Georgia Tech out of Marietta, Coleman is a preferred walk on for the Jackets. He was even able to get on the floor in Tech’s recent trip to Spain. Next season he will be joined by childhood friend Jordan Meka, a 2020 GT signee.

C- Paul Grinde (Clemson) 6-10 300- Yes, he goes 3 spins. I have a feeling this dude is going to be a fan favorite. He’s a graduate transfer from Vassar College where he put up 14.1 points and 6.9 rebounds last season. Give him a follow on the twitter.

Second Team

G- Sam Holtze (BC) 5-10 150 – Sam is from Manhattan Beach, California. He decided to attend Boston College because he was in search of better weather.

G- Shaun Belbey (Syracuse) 5-10 165- Smart dude who appears to be headed for a career training NBA guys.

G- Chris Lavalle (Syracuse) 5-11 175- Him and Belbey have to be best friends, right?

C- Hogan Orbaugh (Louisville) 6-8 240- Indiana product who has some size. Louisville is stacked so it’s mop up duty for this freshman. His welcome gift will be going one on one with the Irish Hulk everyday.

F- Parker Fox (Clemson) 6-6 202– Son of current Cal coach Mark Fox. He’s a lefty who, I’m quite sure lights up the first team in practice.

3rd Team

G- Michael Savarino (Duke) 6-0 182- Grandson of Coach K. If he ever sees the floor, this poor kid might get booed worse than Laettner, Redick, Wojo and Paulus combined.

G- Brendan Paul (Syracuse) 6-2 175- He had a steal, a rebound and (per the Syracuse media guide) splashed 2 three’s on the tour of Italy. Nice.

G- Matt Diluccio 5-11 180 (BC)- Another 4 year guy. I respect that. With BC’s season looking bleak Matt might get some run. I hope so.

G- Chase Coleman (UVA) 5-9 154- His dad is a coach, he wants to be a coach. Who better to learn from than the great Tony Bennett?

F- Blake Buchanan (Wake) 6-5 205- Blake appeared in 10 games as a freshman. He was 2-2 from the line. That is what we call a winning streak.

Honorable Mention

G- Filippos GkoGkos (Miami) 6-3 190- Hails from Greece, graduated from a school in Romania. He might have the best name in the ACC. It’s pronounced Go-Gose-goes. Goose is on an academic scholarship.

F- Grant Van Beveren (Wake) 6-5 215- This kid averaged 20 rebounds per game as a senior in HS. I could see him getting in a scuffle or two in a blowout. He’s definitely pledging to the best frat house on campus.

G- Mike Buckmire (Duke) 6-2 180- Buckmire, now in his third year at Duke, was put on scholarship this year. This is awesome. I didn’t know Coach K did things like this. Oh well, congrats Mike.

F- Will Jackowitz (BC) 6-8 205- Will appeared in 2 games as freshman, and 1 game as a sophomore. Will, you’re going the wrong way.


– Just about all of these guys excel academically.

– A lot of these guys could move down to D2 or D3 and put up legit numbers.

– My advice to all of you guys. When you get in the game. SHOOT THE DAMN BALL!!!!!!!!!!

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