QuicK Shots: DJ Funderburk Suspension

By: Kinchen Taylor

Welcome to the first of (hopefully) many QuicK Shots. Much like my soon to be back to reoccurring “column” #Korner3s, QuicK Shots is when I talk about latest news in the ACC and give a little bit more of an opinion than the character limit Twitter gives me. Speaking of Twitter, give me a follow @kinchen1andonly Now onto one of the biggest news stories of the week, NC State’s DJ Funderburk’s suspension.

Last Monday, NC State announced a suspension of rising junior forward DJ Funderburk. A decision that was met with shock across Wolfpack Nation with a thousand different scenarios that ran through their minds. “What could have happened? Did he get arrested? Did he get caught cheating in class?” Obviously, it is almost inherently instinctual to think the worst when one is a State fan. Coach Keatts addressed the situation during the Media Day the team held on Thursday. As expected, not many details were given but he did shed *some* light on the situation at hand.

I won’t get into much of it because that’s an internal deal placed on him from the basketball program,” Keatts said.  “I have a certain expectation of what a NC State player should be and right now he he hasn’t met that. 

Inside Pack Sports

So, in my opinion, this really seems as though DJ broke a team rule and/or policy and there does not seem to be any additional lingering repercussions with the suspension.

Is it a big deal? Yes, of course. Is it detrimental to the season ahead? In the long run, I say no. Eventually, whatever happened will get resolved and DJ will continue to bring the “Funder” down low for the Pack. He definitely has a bright future ahead for him and I expect him to be a key cog for the machine. This gives opportunity for guys like Manny Bates and Danny Dixon, who do not have any in-game experience in a State jersey, some time to develop their games down low and give some solid depth behind Funderburk when he returns.

My guess is he misses the scrimmages and probably the first two, maybe three games of the season. It could have been worse, but really, only time will tell.

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