ACCBR’s July ACC Power Rankings

Alright! I am supremely bored as there is basically nothing going on so I asked the boys if they wanted to do a July power rankings just for grins. The answer was a unanimous “yes” so here we are.

To set the expectation, it’s July people. Waivers have yet to be approved or declined. There are players still hitting the transfer portal and bench positions yet to be filled. All of those variables will have an obvious impact on the season. We recognize that here at ACCBR and I asked the guys how they accounted for those a’s, b’s and c’s. Everyone, except me, took the rosters as is whereas I assumed some of the waivers to be approved, most notably, Khavon Moore from Clemson, Jordan Usher and Bubba Parham for GT.

I had the guys include some comments with their selections and have cherry picked some of the best to include in the piece. Here are some of the better thoughts I received along with the polls:

Virginia: People who have Virginia as a Top-10 team because they are National Champions seem to forget that last year Villanova was the National Champion and they were very mediocre despite having two All-League guys. Well to put it straight forward, Virginia is losing a lot more than that Villanova team and if your rankings have Virginia Top-10 nationally you should look just last year at that example. As for the roster, it is reliant on older role players becoming stars which usually doesn’t work out. Sell all your Virginia stock immediately.”- Jonathon Warriner

“I think this year the ACC is split up into 3 different tiers, Duke, Louisville, Virginia, UNC, NCSU and ND all return, in their own way, experience and scoring. There is a log jam with Syracuse, Miami, FSU. BC, GT, and Pitt in the middle. They can all swing up or down, depending on how they start ACC play.  Wake, VT, and Clemson are the lowest of the low this year. If someone were to make an over/under how many combined wins those three teams have this season it would be interesting. I’ll set the bar at 29.5” – Kinchen Taylor

“I love the Mike Young hire, but this is going to take time”-The Chimp

“Syracuse – What happens to a 2-3 zone when you stretch the three-point line and take away it’s 7-foot, 24-year-old rim protector? This group has the returning talent to reach their third dance in a row, but unless their returning core makes huge strides, the Orange will go as far as their depth can carry them.” -Charlie Manolakis

“Clemson: Remember when Clemson gave Brad Brownell a huge extension for making the NCAA Tournament? So do I. Now Clemson looks poised to be one of the worst teams in the ACC. The only question with Clemson should be whether or not the football team wins more games than the basketball team.” – Jonathon Warriner

That last quote from J-Dub hits home hard for me. I said during their Sweet 16 season that it was exactly what Dan Radakovich is going to do, and voila! That’s exactly what happened. Those thoughts ended up with me being blocked by the Clemson Basketball twitter account.

Duke – If K can get these guys to buy in, the strength of this team could very well be it’s defense. That’s a scary proposition for the rest of the league. Once again featuring a roster loaded with some of the most talented freshmen in the country, the Blue Devils will be even more dangerous if they can tap into the strength of their “second unit” upperclassmen.“- Charlie Manolakis

Without any further procrastination, here is the first ACCBR power rankings for the 2019-20 season:

TeamMychalCharlieJ-DubKinchenChimpTotal Points
NC State111110111558
Notre Dame1289101049
Georgia Tech8675733
Boston College5446524
Virginia Tech1122410

I made it a point to not look at anyone else’s submissions before creating my own. As stated in previous publications, I am not a huge fan of group think when it comes to stuff like this. Warriner didn’t waste any time giving me shit about not putting Clemson last, but if they get their waivers, I can see them being formidable.

The Chimp putting NC State as the leagues #1 was…shocking. Then again, I can appreciate it. The Pack is expected to be very good this season if they can keep Funderburk on the court and Jericole Hellems develops.

I almost dropped Notre Dame in my rankings at the last second after I really started looking at the rosters. I was then inspired by Rob Dauster putting Clemson at #8 in his power rankings. Everyone is down on Clemson, but Rob sees something in the Tigers. I see something in the Irish, so I am sticking with it. Remember, I am the same guy that picked Buffalo over WVU in Morgantown before the season even started last year. I am the guy that picked UNC to win the ACC last season and I am the guy who picked Virginia to win the title last season. Let it ride baby…

The biggest discrepancy came with Florida State and North Carolina State with a range of five. We all like the Pack, but when it comes to the Seminoles, we are a little less bullish. The reason is because there is a lot to be determined in Tallahassee. Will MJ Walker become the leader? Will Trent Forrest take the next step? Is Devin Vassell going to fully break out? Can Coach Hamilton’s latest batch of 7 footers adjust to ACC play in their freshmen campaign? I don’t disagree with the ‘Noles being selected 4th nor with them being selected to finish 9th. I think either is possible.

We will do this again before the season starts. I hope you guys enjoy.

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