ACCBR’s Revised “Right on Time” Top 25

It’s still only June and in the month since I posted the original offseason top 25, I have had a bunch of feelings about some teams that I ranked, but also teams I didn’t rank. You will see some movement today for sure. I have to attribute some of this to group think because I listen to a bunch of podcasts, but the podcasts I listen to are smart, articulate people and its not a shock they have swayed me a little bit here and there. Where they haven’t swayed me is the top 5. That stays the way it is. The big movers will have the reasons listed.

  1. Michigan State
  2. Louisville
  3. Kentucky
  4. Duke
  5. Maryland
  6. Florida-The Gators make a big jump for me from 16 to 6 with the addition of Kerry Blackshear Jr. This team is now a legit national title contender in my eyes.
  7. UNC
  8. Kansas-Another big mover. From 20 up to 8. In late May it was the Dotson and Doke show, now they have wings Isaiah Moss and Jalen Wilson entering the fray to go along with up and comer Ochai Agbaji. Bill Self went out and filled his biggest needs.
  9. Memphis
  10. Texas Tech
  11. Arizona
  12. Seton Hall
  13. LSU
  14. Villanova
  15. Ohio State
  16. Alabama-As soon as I published the first poll I regretted not having the Tide in there. Lewis, Petty and Hall are a legit trio.
  17. Davidson
  18. Gonzaga-They have a point guard now, but I really don’t know what to expect here.
  19. Auburn-I may have put too much stock into McCormick and Doughty. Austin Wiley needs to be a consistent impact player this year
  20. Iowa-Jordan Bohannon’s hip is obviously the main concern here.
  21. Utah State
  22. VCU
  23. Tennessee
  24. Baylor
  25. St. Mary’s

So, there is one new team (Alabama) and the one that was removed was Notre Dame. I still like the Irish more than probably anyone, but I can’t justify them over anyone else on this list right now.

Gonzaga and Iowa are the two teams I have in there that scare me the most. Iowa due to health, Gonzaga because I haven’t seen a lot of their players. However, Mark Few is a great coach, Killian Tillie is capable of being a star at this level, that is all I really need to have them in there.

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