Virginia Tech’s Young is on a Winning Streak

Virginia Tech wins three times this week as they land Cone and Aluma while retaining Bede

By Mychal Hunter

Sometimes it’s an easy call. Those are things that people only say when they are correct. Given the circumstances, I am saying it now. Monday I told you guys that deductive reasoning resulted in my belief that Jalen Cone would be new Hokies head coach Mike Young’s first big fish. Well, second if you count retaining Landers Nolley (I do).Β  I covered my ass a little bit at the end of that article, but that is just kind of how I roll.

Thursday, that prediction came to fruition as Cone announced he will be attending Virginia Tech during the upcoming season after reclassifying to the 2019 class last week. The 5’11 point guard that is as quick as a hiccup is currently ranked #100 in 247sports’s composite rankings, but I think he will outperform that rank.

Hokies head coach Mike Young did a fantastic job keeping Virginia Tech involved in this recruitment after replacing Buzz Williams. I had questions about Young and this hire, but the early returns are undeniably positive.

One player I thought may return to VPI was point guard Wabissa Bede who had entered his name into the transfer portal. Apparently, I was also correct about that as I found this on twitter yesterday:

That would be Bede standing right beside Coach Young on the right. I mean, I’m not saying, I’m just saying, that kid has a pretty big smile on his face. It appears that Mike Young may have won twice this week. To back that up there is also this:

I would take that to mean that Bede has been back on campus and working with the team. It would appear he is completely back with the program.

The Hokies also welcomed Keve Aluma to the program this week. Aluma is a 6’9, 230 pound forward who played for Young at Wofford. He averaged 6.9 points and 6.8 rebounds per game during the 2018-19 season. He is a sit one, play two transfer for the Hokies, unless he is granted a waiver from the NCAA. Given the fact that there was a coaching change at his former school and he followed that coach to his new destination, I would give him better than 50/50 odds of it being granted.

Congratulations VPI, you may have won the week.


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