ACCBR: 10 Quick Notes

By Mychal Hunter

So the ACC landed the top 3 spots. In a not so humble brag, I was the first one to bring this up weeks and weeks ago. You’re welcome. That’s what you get from me. The very best that I am capable of.

Here are some thoughts to fill the time on a Tuesday:

  • Don’t spend too much time on Syracuse/Baylor. I did and the conclusion that I came to was, “why?” I am not going to pick either team to beat Gonzaga, so just go with your first instinct and move on with your life. If you lose that one point, no worries. If that team beats Gonzaga, everyone loses, so who cares.
  • The match-up that you keep blowing past and not giving a second thought, that’s the game you want to concentrate on for the upset. Going back to 2010, a 13 or a 14 seed has won at least one tournament game in every season with the exception of 2017. In four instances (2010, 2015, 2016, 2018) the 13 and 14 line have won two or more first round games.
  • Kansas is 134th in the nation at defending the 3 point line. Northeastern is 14th in the country in 3 point percentage.
  • Average years of experience for the LSU Tigers=0.6. Averages years of experience for Yale=2.1
  • Michigan and Montana played in the first round of tournament last season. Michigan won 61-47. The Wolverine’s leading scorer in that game was Charles Matthews with 20 points. Matthews has not been great this year. Montana’s three leading scorers from the game are all back this year. That Grizzlies team held Mo Wagner to 5 points last season.
  • This is Mick Cronin’s 9th straight NCAA tournament appearance at Cincinnati. Eight times he’s been seeded as a 5 or lower. In the previous 7 games, he has lost in the first round only once.
  • Carsen Edwards has eleven games this season with 25 or more points. Old Dominion has surrendered 25 or more points to a player three times this season. The Monarchs are 7th in the nation in opponents points against.
  • Mississippi State has hit 9 or more triples 13 times this season. They are 10-3 in those games. All 3 losses have been on road/neutral courts. Liberty is 62nd in the country in opponents 3pt% at 32%.
  • Iowa is 4-8 against teams ranked in the top 40 in KenPom. Cincinnati ended the regular season ranked 32nd.
  •  New Mexico State has won every game going back to 1/10/19, good for 19 in a row. In only two of those games however, have the Aggies faced a top 100 team in Kenpom. Utah Valley, #96, twice. Auburn has won 8 games in a row, in which only one team ranked outside of the top 100. Georgia, the first game of the eight game streak.

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