ACC Power Rankings: 3/3/19

By Mychal Hunter

Yeesh, that was not a good game day in the ACC yesterday. The matchups weren’t very intriguing outside of North Carolina State and FSU and even that game went about as expected.

I’d like to thank Wake Forest for cementing what I thought to be true, they are terrible. They will not move out of that last place spot for me the rest of the season, you can bank that. To lose to Syracuse, by 25, on your home court is inexcusable. To turn the ball over 23 times is ridiculous, in fact, it ties them for the most turnovers by an ACC school this season with UNC and FSU.

Miami went on the road and played predictably poorly, they have yet to win a true road game all season, but 47-19 at the half? Gimme a break.

Clemson played their way out of the dance as well. Marcquise Reed is still the man, but I can’t imagine this team makes the dance barring some kind of deep ACCT run.

Anyways, y’all didn’t come here to listen to me babble, or maybe you did, I don’t know. Here are this weeks ACCBR Power Rankings:

Team Mychal Charlie Kinchen Total
UNC 15 15 14 44
Virginia 14 14 15 43
Duke 13 13 13 39
Virginia Tech 11 12 12 35
Florida State 12 11 11 34
Syracuse 10 9 10 29
NC State 8 10 9 27
Louisville 9 8 8 25
Clemson 7 7 6 20
Boston College 5 6 7 18
Miami 6 5 4 15
Notre Dame 4 4 5 13
Georgia Tech 3 2 3 8
Wake Forest 1 3 2 6
Pittsburgh 2 1 1 4

North Carolina retains the top spot. Whether that was earned or not I can not confirm nor deny, I almost put Virginia in the top slot, but Carolina didn’t falter this week and that Virginia guy on twitter last weekend was really annoying. So you guys stay at #2. There is also something to be said about just going out and beating who you are supposed to beat. Carolina did that this week so I can’t punish them.

Image result for number 2 gif

In other news, we are all jumping off the Louisville train like it’s the Titanic. I know that doesn’t make any sense and I should have used boat instead of train, but I’m going to leave it.

I’d like to thank Charlie for jinxing Virginia back into find their offense against Georgia Tech. Watching that game was similar to watching the Red Wedding happen on the basketball court. Anyways, I’m off, I’ll see y’all out there. Play like a champion today.


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