ACC Power Rankings: 2/24/19

By Mychal Hunter

Another week another collapse by Louisville. The team that I led the charge on just a five or so weeks ago has completely lost it’s confidence and forgotten how to close games.

Meanwhile, Pitt continues find new ways to fall apart as well, pissing away a game against Georgia Tech from the free throw line. The Panthers went 20-38 from the stripe in McCamish on Wednesday.

On the flip side, Miami seems to have found a bit of a groove, even if only at home. The Hurricanes protected home court yesterday against Georgia Tech, winning their third home game in a row.

Anyways, here they are, the new and improved ACC Basketball Report Power rankings. Also, North Carolina State fans, if you’re looking for Kinchen, Charlie and I stashed him in a bunker until the fact that he put UNC at #1 blows over.

Team Mychal Charlie Kinchen Total
UNC 15 15 15 45
Duke 14 14 14 42
Virginia 13 13 13 39
Florida State 12 12 12 36
Virginia Tech 11 11 11 33
Louisville 10 8 10 28
NC State 8 10 9 27
Syracuse 9 9 8 26
Clemson 7 7 7 21
Miami 6 6 6 18
Boston College 5 5 5 15
Notre Dame 4 4 4 12
Georgia Tech 3 3 3 9
Wake Forest 1 2 2 5
Pittsburgh 2 1 1 4

We have a new #1. Welcome to the top North Carolina Tar Heels. Regardless of whether or not Zion played more than 30 seconds, Duke still has a roster that is loaded. If you struggle with a team that has five 5 stars and at least a couple 4 stars, there isn’t much I can do for you.


UNC: Ceiling is the damn roof. …I’m going to have to pen a formal apology when we lose to Cuse, won’t I? – Charlie

UNC number 1 with two impressive wins this week. I held down vomiting 4 times as I wrote that sentence out. – Kinchen

Virginia: A top five team as #3 in their own conference seems ridiculous, and while Virginia has beaten UNC, the Wahoos haven’t looked all that spectacular lately. – Mychal

The 6 teams playing on Tuesday in Charlotte currently are Boston College, Miami, Georgia Tech, Wake Forest, Notre Dame, and Pitt. All but BC have sub-.500 overall records. It’s been a while since I’ve seen that many bad ACC teams in the basement cellar. – Kinchen

I can’t put anyone other than Wake at the bottom. Even though Wake Forest owns the head to head, I just like Pitt more. – Mychal

Syracuse- Most frustrating team to try to judge. They’ll probably get the shit kicked out of them by Wake, but knock off either UNC or UVA too. – Charlie

Georgia Tech stays out of the basement due only to the ineptitude of Wake and Pitt. The Jackets couldn’t hit water if they fell out of a boat. They are shooting under 31% from deep in league play. – Mychal

I may have bailed on North Carolina State too early. Bold strategy to build a 13 point lead and then try to ride it out for 12 minutes without scoring, but they worked it out. Only “bad” loss is still just Wake. – Charlie



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