Korner 3’s: Mailtime!

Welcome back to another exciting episode of #AskKenny. Always remember to use the hashtag and tweet/follow me on Twitter @kinchen1andonly. We’ve got a good one in store so let’s waste no time and dive in!

First question this week comes from my sibling once again Holly Taylor, she writes “Favorite ACC player to rep the 252, current or past? #AskKenny”

Thanks Sis for a great question. The 252 she is referring to for those who may not know is the area code in North Carolina that predominantly covers the Eastern part of the state. It’s where I hail from and always quick to tell/represent for my area. So many basketball greats come from ENC, especially from places like Kinston, a Mecca of basketball for 252 natives with Jerry Stackhouse, Charles Shackleford (RIP), and Brandon Ingram to name a few, up to Rocky Mount where greats like Phil Ford grew up and played high school ball, to Goldsboro where Coby White is from and played at Greenfield School in Wilson. Ky Bowman is from Havelock, there’s almost too many to name. Can you be satisfied with if you are from the 252 and play in the ACC, you are a favorite player of mine? Cause that’s what I’m going with. Thanks for the question.

Next question comes from one of my favorite follows on Twitter, @FireBrownell. He writes in “Seth Davis has Wofford ranked 25th in the country. I know you are a big mid major guy, I am too. I’ve been to 2 Wofford games and watched numerous on TV. They are a very good team, but Top 25 to me is big stretch. To have Wofford ahead of FSU and others is insanity. Do you?”

Now I don’t like to comment on another man’s Top 25, but Seth crazy is for this one. Wofford is probably a NCAA Tournament team with or without a conference tournament title. Are they better than say the middle of the pack in the ACC, Louisville, Virginia Tech, Florida State, NC State, Syracuse? Personally I don’t think so, but I’m just a little bias saying the ACC is the best conference in the nation.

People forget Wofford beat UNC in Chapel Hill last year, they seem even better this year even though the Heels got their revenge to start the season. If the Terriers win their conference I’ll put them as high as a 6 seed but really don’t think they deserve to be any higher than that. Thanks for the question sir and Go Tigers.

Friend of the program Daniel Early writes in “Duke’s chances of winning against Carolina this Wednesday? 90%? 100%? Asking for a friend.”

Thanks for the question Daniel. If you guys couldn’t tell, he’s a Duke fan. Duke is obviously heavily favored and rightfully so. UNC doesn’t have an answer for Zion, granted no one really does. He’s kinda like a hurricane, you can’t stop it from coming, only prevent the damage that will come from it. (Side note, Hurricane Zion would be a dope name). If I had to put a number on it, I’d say Duke has a 95% chance of winning. They always seem to win the first game of this series. If you look at the history books, UNC has only won the first matchup of the season just twice since Tyler Hansbrough graduated (2014,2017). In fact, they haven’t won the first game in Cameron since Hansbrough was at UNC back in 2009. In other words, give me Duke Wednesday night and a highlight dunk by Zion.

Last question, friend of the program Jordan Tripp writes in “Chris Mack was asked who is Louisville’s ACC rival. He answered, based on recent matchups, Virginia. My question: should Louisville be in the ACC? Follow up: since they are here anyway, who do you think is their rival? #AskKenny”

This question is one of my favorites of this week. Real talk, Louisville brings in another “pedigree, blue chip” program to an already stellar ACC basketball conference. Even though according to the NCAA, their 2013 Championship never happened, they are the only team not named Duke or UNC who has won a National Championship in awhile. Money brought in from basketball and football is the main factor they were invited to come in the ACC and we are all going to have to deal with it.

The next question of who is Louisville’s ACC rival is I like 3 teams that could potentially be their main rival not named Kentucky. They are Virginia, Notre Dame, and NC State. I agree with Mack in saying UVA based on recent games, need I bring up the meltdown last year with DeAndre Hunter’s game winner?

Notre Dame brings in some of that old Big East rivalry that Syracuse-Pitt sort of brings to the table every now and then. Does anyone remember the 5 Overtime thriller from 2013?

NC State probably has the lowest chance of happening of the three but I say the rivalry could be there since Keatts was an assistant under Rick Pitino when he was there at Louisville (except Keatts wasn’t paying for his recruits to have parties with strippers).

I promise not every Korner 3’s is going to be a mailbag. The original plan was for this to be a bi-weekly thing and I am a man of my word. Be on the look out for another Korner 3’s later this week. Until then, continue to keep sending in your ACC basketball questions using the hashtag #AskKenny on Twitter.

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