ACC Power Rankings: 2/17/19

By Mychal Hunter

Forgive me for being late this weekend. I attended the Florida State vs Georgia Tech slaughter yesterday. “Why?” you might ask while making that bewildered look on your face. It was Mark Price day. I got the jersey, met the man briefly and secured his signature, as shown in the featured image.

So this week on the power rankings was interesting. Much like the Rockin’ 25 voting this week that I am involved in, everyone seems to be sharing a similar opinion. Though, once you get to the bottom of the barrel evaluations seem to differ a great deal which makes it worthy of conversation. So, if y’all have questions or comments, feel free to email us at: and we will have a mailbag article and/or episode.

Anyways, here they are, the collarborative ACC Power Rankings for 2/17/19 from the ACCBR Staff:

Team Mychal Charlie Kinchen Total
Duke 15 15 15 45
UNC 13 14 14 41
Virginia 14 13 13 40
Florida State 12 12 12 36
Louisville 11 11 11 33
Virginia Tech 10 10 10 30
NC State 8 9 9 26
Syracuse 9 7 8 24
Clemson 7 8 7 22
Miami 6 6 4 16
Notre Dame 4 5 5 14
Boston College 5 3 6 14
Georgia Tech 3 2 3 8
Pittsburgh 2 4 1 7
Wake Forest 1 1 2 4


What struck me as the most interesting thing today was not anything about the top, or the top 13 for that matter. Kinchen moved Wake Forest out of the basement!! Demon Deacon’s fans may run wild in the street, someone thinks you are no longer the worst team in the league.

Now, granted, Kinchen is the type that if he lived in the old west, he would pull first, shoot first and kill first. The man has no time for nonsense and is quick on the trigger. Is that an indictment? Absolutely not. I love it. It makes me feel normal. It’s why I brought him to ACCBR.

Charlie finally dropped the hammer on Georgia Tech, bringing them down three spots from 5 to 2 this week. They simply cannot score and even with an elite defense, you need to be able to put up at least 60.

I was the only one who ranked Virginia ahead of UNC this week which I found interesting. If I were a fellow Wolfpack alum I might encourage hammering Kinchen on twitter for ignoring a reason to drop the Heels, but that’s on y’all. His twitter handle is @kinchen1andonly if you all would like to have a lovely, civil discussion regarding his treasonous act.

Miami also seems to be gaining some equity as they adjust to playing with a short bench and Chris Lykes continues to be a star. The ‘Canes seem to continue to improve while Georgia Tech, Pittsburgh, Wake Forest and Notre Dame continue to flounder.

No hot takes this week from the guys as far as out takes go.

Tune in to the ACC Basketball Report podcast tomorrow night when I host friend of the program Harold Little for a discussion on the one and done rule, Duke’s massive comeback, Coby White, Chris Lykes  and who knows what else!

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