ACC Power Rankings: 2/3/19

By  Mychal Hunter

What a trash Saturday.  I mean really. North Carolina looked like the only team in the league that was interested yesterday, though I have yet to watch the Duke game. A 30 point win tells me it was more of the same however.

So here is the collaborative power rankings for the ACCBR staff. Kinchen is a little sore after a historic day by his Wolfpack yesterday, while Charlie remains humble in regards to his alma mater’s obvious upside.

Team Mychal Charlie Kinchen Total
Duke 15 14 15 44
Virginia 14 15 14 43
UNC 13 13 13 39
Louisville 12 12 12 36
Virginia Tech 11 11 11 33
Syracuse 9 10 10 29
Florida State 10 9 9 28
NC State 8 6 8 22
Georgia Tech 7 7 7 21
Pittsburgh 5 5 6 16
Clemson 6 8 2 16
Notre Dame 4 4 5 13
Boston College 3 2 4 9
Miami 2 3 3 8
Wake Forest 1 1 1 3

What is obvious this week is we have no idea what to expect day to day from Clemson. While the Tigers have top 9 talent in the league, their on court product is less than inspiring. I think there is an interesting debate to be had between Louisville and Virginia Tech as well as Florida State and Syracuse. That is illustrated in the voting as well.

Here are some out takes:


  • NC State may have had their worst game in the existence of college basketball, but I don’t think it’s the end of the world. That game sucked, but I won’t punish them down too much even though I really wanted to.
  • I still like Pitt, think they hung in there against Cuse and will continue to improve over the season.
  • Louisville is still my dark horse pick as the best team in the ACC behind Duke, UVA and UNC. I think they are the best team out of the rest of the bunch. Chris Mack is doing a great job.


  • Georgia Tech just can’t score. The fact that they rank ninth is almost ridiculous, but it illustrates that the ACC has a bunch of tourney teams and probably no NIT teams.
  • UNC is clearly still undervalued, not here, but in the national landscape. This team dismantled Louisville yesterday regardless of the final score.
  • Pitt isn’t winning, but you have to admire what Capel is doing with what was a dead and buried program.


  • Was this just an off week for Virginia, or signs of something bigger? We’re about to find out in a huge way. They’ll have a full week of practice to prepare before playing Duke and UNC on a Saturday-Monday turnaround.
  • Hoping for good news for Justin Robinson. One of my favorite guys in the conference to watch and this year’s Hokies have shown they’re for real. After tough 8/9 game draws in the tourney the last two seasons, this team is due for a March run, provided they can stay healthy and lock in the seed they deserve. Get better JRob.
  • UNC’s win over Louisville showed they can deliver the formula they’ll need to reach the level of success many expected before the season. Earlier this year, if shots weren’t dropping the Heels looked lost. Yesterday, they shot 6-24 from deep…but finally cleaned up the turnovers, crushed Louisville on the offensive boards and still won by double digits on the road. If they can make that their floor consistently, even without the offense firing on all cylinders, watch out. That’s a big “if” though



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