Dewan Hernandez deemed Ineligible

By Mychal Hunter

According to a tweet by Jeff Goodman, Miami center Dewan Hernandez’s appeal to the NCAA has been denied and he has been deemed ineligible.

The accusation against Huell is that he had a contract with Christian Dawkins regarding a “loan” that had stipulations on if/when he was supposed to pay back a certain amount of money.  Whether or not he repaid the money depended on when he left school for the draft. The original story can be found here.

Hernandez, formerly Dewan Huell, had yet to play a game this season but was projected to be one of the top returning players in the ACC. The ruling undoubtedly assures that Hernandez will never play college basketball again.

It has to make you wonder how the NCAA’s people can sleep at night. There were other players named in that same document. They are still playing.

Jahvon Quinerly is still playing, which is incredible given the amount of smoke that rose from his stop at Arizona. Wendell Carter Jr. played without incident last season after he went unidentified in an investigation that ended with the dismissal of Georgia Tech assistant coach Darryl Labarrie. Collin Sexton and Alabama? Nah, Alabama said they did an internal investigation and found nothing. Zion Williamson? Lot of smoke, we will wait until after he is in the NBA to not punish Duke.

This also isn’t a matter of me wanting these kids to suffer the consequence. All I (and most others) want is some sort of consistency in who gets gut punched and who doesn’t.

As is the case with most things the NCAA rules on, the only people who get hurt are the players and the fans. The schools, who make up the NCAA, certainly don’t sustain any long term destruction of their bottom line. The top recruiting classes for next season?

  1. Arizona
  2. USC
  3. Villanova
  4. Gonzaga
  5. Louisville

That is according to this list. As you can see, it’s business as usual in college basketball. A license to print money.

By the way, former USC assistant coach Tony Bland reached a plea agreement yesterday which stipulates he is not required to testify. The FBI gets their win, the NCAA won’t have have a testimony to use in any investigation they may have had planned and because they don’t possess subpoena power, they can’t compel him to give any kind of statement under oath.

We all thought this investigation was going to change college basketball for the better, that appears to have been a pipe dream.

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