ACC top 5: Week 1

By Mychal Hunter

There are few things that we KNOW so far. There are however some things I do know. I know that North Carolina State, a team I like, has an absolutely trash schedule. Based on that, I know that we don’t know what they are quite yet.

I am going to make this a weekly thing. This is the top 5 in the ACC as I see it at this early juncture.

  1. Duke– Yeah, I know. I picked North Carolina to win ACC in the preseason. I still believe that to be the case. But it would be completely ludicrous to say that right now, today, November 12th 2018, that Duke doesn’t look like the dominant force in the league. That trio of freshman is ridiculous.
  2. UNC-The boys in powder blue opened the season AT Wofford and AT Elon. Regardless of competition, programs just don’t do that anymore. If you don’t know why, ask Indiana. Leaky Black has been great off the bench and Seventh Woods looks like he is finally becoming what everyone expected. Garrison Brooks appears to separating himself from the other sophomore big men and Luke Maye is Luke Maye. This team is deep, talented and experienced.
  3. Virginia-They have looked like UMBC never happened. Ty Jerome looks like a pro, Diakite, Salt and Huff all look ok. Braxton Key allows De’Andre Hunter to do his thing and Kyle Guy is an assassin. They have yet to be tested, but we all know what this team is.
  4. Clemson-Yeah. I was starting to fade the Tigers the closer the season got, but if Amir Simms is the guy he appears to be, this team is gonna be good. David Skara is scoring, Clyde Trapp is providing quality minutes and Javan White is giving great minutes off the bench. This team might be a lot better than I anticipated.
  5. Miami-Speaking of me being wrong. Whoa. If these guys can shoot like they did the other day then they are gonna dance. Anthony Lawrence was a stud in the opening game. Now, we have seen this show before. Is that who he is or was he just on a heater? If Dewan Hernandez is done than the ‘Canes will regress, but if he comes back this team is gonna be really good.

So there it is. My overreaction to the first week. The ACC is 25-0 to start the season and is once again the greatest league in the country. Tune in next week for me more than likely eating crow.

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