Jeremy Roach names 2 ACC schools in his final 4

By Mychal Hunter

Jeremy Roach, the #16 ranked player in the 2020 basketball recruiting class named his final four last night.

As you can see, he ain’t messing around. Blue blood or bust baby.

Roach, a 6’2 point guard, is a tremendous all around talent. He is great on the break and loves to make his teammates better. His jumper is quick as a hiccup and he is really effective at getting into the lane and causing trouble.

Currently, Kentucky leads in the crystal ball with 4 out of 5 logged predictions. But, he simply looks like a UNC point guard. Now, UNC looks to be set at the point guard spot for a little bit. Jeremiah Francis is coming in next year and Rechon “Leaky” Black is a five star player in this year’s class that projects to be a point-forward type. 2020 is a long ways away though, a lot can change.

Duke, the only school Roach has officially visited, could be landing their point guard of 2020 in this cycle. Boogie Ellis, while a five star, does not project to be a one and done type player. Now, Duke is not above recruiting over players (Justin Tucker, Derryck Thornton, Chase Jeter etc), but I think Ellis is on a different level than those players.

In the end it may not matter. If the Crystal Ball holds true it will become a non-issue. Let’s just do what we always do, watch in amazement at how little we all know about the recruiting world.


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