Does D.J. Jeffries to Memphis impact the ACC?

By Mychal Hunter

Roughly five minutes ago, Corey Evans tweeted that D.J. Jeffries, a top 50 player in the 2019 class, has committed to Memphis. The one time Kentucky commit is a hybrid forward hailing from a family of hybrid forwards. See, Jeffries is kin to the Lawson family.

Up until just now, Ole Miss fans were thinking they may keep Jeffries, an Olive Branch, MS native, home and then also sign Chandler Lawson, another 2019 hybrid forward. Well, that plan is all blown to hell.

Lawson is now the primary target of the 2019 Georgia Tech class. Coach Julian Swartz has met with Lawson’s father recently, and will again soon.

Chandler recently left Oak Hill Academy because of, reportedly, issues with Oak Hill point guard Cole Anthony. Other outlets have implied that Lawson tends to get homesick, which is something that came to light during his official visit to Eugene as well. That happens. It has happened to me.

Now, if logic were to prevail, Lawson is a done deal to Ole Miss. However, don’t forget who the Lawson’s are and who coaches Georgia Tech.

Once upon a time, current GT Head Coach Josh Pastner led Memphis. We all know that. Who was on his staff? Keelon Lawson, Chandler’s father. Who else? Julian Swartz, who is now recruiting Chandler. I am not implying that this is a done deal, in fact, it is far from that. But the ties are there.

Ole Miss is the leader in the clubhouse right now, but their failure to close Jeffries could lead to an 0-2.

Lawson has also recently implied that he is willing to wait until the spring to sign with a program. That would lead one to assume that he is holding out for a Memphis or Kansas offer. I can see that as a likely possibility. Will those offers come? Let’s just wait and see…

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