ACC Recruiting Rundown

By Mychal Hunter

What a week. The best conference in college basketball is currently killing it on the recruiting trail. So much so that I decided to do one piece on it all today instead of quick hitters which I typically like to do.

So, I decided this passed week to make a prediction with CJ Felder and nailed it. Today, I am going to give you another one. But first, let’s talk about what we saw this week:

  • CJ Felder commits to Boston College: NAILED IT!  Felder’s commitment to Jim Christian’s squad brings the Eagles 2019 class to 4. CJ is a tremendous athlete that should be effective playing the high post in a conference that plays a ton of zone lately. He is a bit of a project, but is a tremendous “get” for the Eagles.
  • Virginia Tech signs Yavuz Gultekin and Emanuel Miller in consecutive days: What a month for the Hokies. Since October 2nd Buzz Williams has signed a 4 star and three 3 star kids. I admittedly don’t know a whole lot about Gultekin other than some grainy EuroLeague video and he is ranked in the top 175. Miller fits the mold of Chris Clarke/PJ Horne. An undersized four man who can handle the ball a little bit and plays tremendous defense. I am not sure he is an immediate impact piece, but definitely a nice long term guy. He is ranked 138th in the nation by 247sports.
  • Louisville lands Igiehon: Chris Mack is flat out getting it done in Louisville. Aidan Igiehon is a monster. Nicknamed “Irish Hulk” on his latest youtube mix tape, he is exactly that. This kid likes to “Hulk Smash” the rim. This commitment gives Louisville the best incoming class so far in the ACC for 2019 with five 4 star guys and a 3 star (who is planning on redshirting). This class also has zero weak spots, Mack literally has an incoming star at every position for 2019. I have said it before ACC teams, get your licks in this year because Louisville is back next year.
  • Clemson stopped recruiting Christian Brown? One of the more interesting things I saw in the last couple days was an interview that Christian Brown did where he claimed that after his official visit to Clemson, he has hasn’t heard from them. As an added kick in the ribs to Clemson fans, he added an “unfortunately” to the end of the statement. Whaaaaaat? Now, you guys hear me talk about “getability” quite often. Maybe Brownell decided he didn’t have a legit shot at the South Carolina native, but you would think that information would have made it to insiders (and maybe it has). It was just a really strange claim. Brown is a player that I really like in the 2019 although his shot is a bit suspect and his decision making leaves a lot to be desired (that from people who have seen him multiple times), but he is talented.
  • James Wiseman and Balsa Koprivica take OV’s together

This is interesting. Wiseman to Memphis is thought to be a foregone conclusion to, well, everyone, even though he insists otherwise. Balsa is from Florida (not originally, but he plays at Montverde) and may be a more likely “get” for FSU. Though now he is mixed up in the NCAA trial after he was talked about on the wire tap involving LSU coach Will Wade. The drama never ends.

  • Marcus Watson attends “Live at the Thriller Dome”: It will be either a very good week for Georgia Tech basketball fans or a very good week for alcohol distributors in the greater Atlanta area this week as Marcus Watson is set to make his college decision tomorrow. The finalists appear to be Oklahoma State, Georgia Tech, Texas Tech and Oregon. It is rumored that Texas Tech is out. To my knowledge he also did not take his official visit Oregon last weekend. What I do know is that Mike Boynton is his cousin. I mean god damn. I also know that Oklahoma State is full, which really doesn’t matter when you are talking about signing the #45 kid in the nation. But!!! Remember, nothing anyone says before the word “but” really counts.

Yes, my fanboy love of Game of Thrones runs quite deep. I personally think Watson is going to stay home in Georgia and Yellow Jacket fans sleep easy on Sunday night. That is of course, until they miss on a kid that they were never going to get anyways and fall back into their eternal pessimism. Anyways, Watson attended “Live at the Thrillerdome” at McCamish Pavilion last night along with upwards of 15 other potential Georgia Tech recruits. He was seen on stage with the team and seemed to have a great time. The second he commits to GT he becomes a star, fan favorite and the first step in bringing Georgia Tech back to prominence. A back court of Alvarado, Mike Devoe and Marcus is something that will surely bring the Thriller Dome and the McCamish Maniacs back in full force.

I am currently 1 for 1 on predictions this cycle and am willing to put that perfect record on the line with this prediction. I know, it’s a heavy burden, but I am willing to do it for the fans.

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