ACC’s Top Returning Players: #12 Kyle Guy

By Mychal Hunter

The Virginia Cavaliers finally make an appearance on the countdown. Coming in at number 12, 2017-18 first team all ACC member Kyle Guy.

Probably not the best idea to call one of the best shooters in the country trash when your team isn’t putting one of its better products on the floor.

Also, some people may be wondering how a player who made the ACC first team last year rolls in at #12 on my list. Well, I didn’t have a vote on the the ACC awards. Guy is a tremendous player with fantastic shooting ability, but is a bit too one dimensional at times for my taste. Personally, last season I thought Devon Hall was a bit more worthy. That should not detract from Guy’s greatness though.

Coming into his sophomore season the one knock on Guy was his defense and whether or not he would fit what the Cavaliers like to do. He promptly put those concerns to rest, having the 5th best win shares (2.4) and 7th best defensive rating (94.7) in the conference. He was also good for a steal per game while only committing 1.2 fouls per game.

Offense was never a question when it comes to the 6’5 guard. Kyle nearly doubled his per game average to 14.1 points per game and while his three point shooting percentage dipped nearly 10%, it was still 39.2%. Good for fifth in the ACC among players with at least 200 attempts.

Guy did put some of his other offensive gifts on display last season which we didn’t witness in his freshman campaign. He took the ball to the basket more and was a better finisher. His 2 point FGA per game went from 3.0 to 6.4 and his shooting percentage on those attempts went from 38% to 44%. One interesting nugget that I came across was that if Kyle Guy received the same volume of shots that Trae Young did last season, he would have averaged north of 25 points per game.

I expect Guy to absorb many of the shots and production left behind by the graduation of Hall. His numbers should rise north of 16.5 per game and another appearance on an All ACC team is quite likely. However, his back court mate may surpass him this year in terms of value. I’ll talk about that in a few hours.


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