ACC’s Top Returning Players: #15 2.0 Dewan Huell

By Mychal Hunter


Now I know what some of you may be thinking, “He released #15 yesterday.” That is correct. But, if you follow me on twitter (@Peacone36) you may have seen that I owned up to missing a guy that is truly deserving of a spot on this list and had to work him in.

So we have two number 15’s and that is just something you are going to have to deal with…

Number 15 2.0, Miami Hurricanes center Dewan Huell.

After flirting with the 2018 NBA draft Huell decided to return to Miami for his junior season. As I have stated pretty emphatically on the podcast, I think that was absolutely the correct decision even though I still think that Huell will one day be an effective player in the NBA.

His career got off to a rocky start, but Huell has seemingly put his head down and put in the work to make himself into a pro and stay out of trouble. He has succeeded in doing both. As a sophomore he improved in every single statistical category and that is not hyperbole. Points (more than doubled), rebounds, assists, steals, blocks, fg%, free throw %, 2 point %, turnover % (although turnovers did increase), win shares doubled and eFG%. I would call that a solid jump from your freshman to sophomore campaign.

In the first four games of last season Huell was quite simply the man as the ‘Canes leaned on him while LW4 was recovering and Bruce Brown  was struggling. He averaged 15 and 6 in those first 6 games and 11.4 and 6.7 on the season. He also recorded five double doubles.

The one criticism I have of Huell is on the road in ACC play. Six times he scored 8 points or fewer in opposing arenas. The ‘Canes were 3-3 in those games. Overall in conference road games he only averaged 8 points and 5 rebounds. Those numbers will have to improve this season for Miami to be successful.

This team now belongs to Dewan and I think that he is fully capable of leading them to a post season birth. Last year, Miami seemed to play its best basketball when they made it a point to get him involved. This year he should be the focal point.


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