ACC’s Top Returning Players: #16 Jose Alvarado

By Mychal Hunter

Anyone who calls me a homer here can pound sand. If you don’t know who this kid is or what he is capable of, you either don’t watch enough ACC hoops or you hate Georgia Tech. I mean, the kid stepped over Joel Berry in Chapel Hill! He shit talked to Carmelo Anthony when he was in high school!

#16 on the ACC’s Top Returning Players List: Jose Alvarado.

One of the few bright spots for a disappointing Yellow Jackets squad in 2017-18, Alvarado averaged 12.1 points per game along with 3 assists and nearly 4 rebounds. The 6’0 Brooklyn native also averaged nearly 2 steals and shot a surprising 37% from deep.

In a season derailed by injuries, scandal and plain old bad luck, Alvarado was possibly the lone consistent part of the season until he himself became the victim of a freak accident in the 25th game of the season.

Now that he has returned to the court Alvarado finds himself without wings Josh Okogie (NBA) and Tadric Jackson (graduation) or interior anchor Ben Lammers (graduation). This is his program now and by all accounts he is ready. Alvarado has the personality and the talent to be the figure head of Georgia Tech basketball for the next three seasons and I believe that is a role that he will embrace and run with.

Teams will almost certainly key on Alvarado in order to make others prove themselves. Celebrated freshman Mike Devoe and breakout candidate Curtis Haywood II need to provide Jose with some breathing room by knocking down perimeter jump shots.

If anything, Georgia Tech fans have their next beloved player while Josh Pastner continues his rebuilding effort.



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