ACC’s Top Returning Players: #20 Jordan Chatman

By Mychal Hunter

The countdown continues. Today I want to take a look at the 20th ranked player on the ACCBR returning players list, Jordan Chatman.


The true definition of a college basketball sniper, Chatman was sometimes the forgotten head of the three headed monster in Chestnut Hill last season. The 6’5 guard averaged 12.9 points and 3 rebounds per game.  When a player such as Jerome Robinson is averaging 25 a night and Ky Bowman is making electrifying plays left and right, it was sometimes hard to appreciate the unspectacular way in which Chatman goes about his business on the court.

As a junior, Chatman made 87 triples and shot roughly 40% from deep. He made four or more triples in nine games and at least three in eight others. In fact, he only DIDN’T make a shot from behind the arc in three games all season.

Jordan is also crafty, just when you adjust your defense to shade his way, he will pump fake you and go to the hole. If you foul him on the way, he shoots 90% from the line.

The one part of Jordan’s game that has improved drastically over the last couple years is the way he has learned to take care of the ball. In his freshman season at BYU his turnover rate was north of 17% (ouch). After sitting out a season due to transfer rules, his turnover rate dropped to 13.5% as a sophomore and then all the way down to 7%  as a junior. All of this while maintaining a usage rate of 16%, which is his career number.

Now that Jerome Robinson is getting paid to play, Chatman will most likely see his usage increase a great deal. Eclipsing the century mark for three pointers made seems not only possible, but likely.

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