ACC’s Top Returning Players: #21 Torin Dorn

By Mychal Hunter

So I have been slacking off a bit lately, I admit it. That said, let’s stop talking about old shit and continue this countdown.

ACCBR’s #20 returning player for 2018-19…Torin Dorn

Dorn is a player that seems to be often overlooked by the casual fan. The fifth year senior has now been at NC State for four years after transferring from Charlotte and has made himself into one of the most effective slashing wings in the conference.

As a junior Dorn averaged 13.9 points, 6.3 rebounds, 1.4 assists and a steal a game in 29 minutes. The one category that seemed to suffer in his first season under Coach Kevin Keatts was Dorn’s three point shooting which dipped from 36.4% as a sophomore to 31.1% last year. I expect a regression to his career mean (33.8%) in his final campaign.

Dorn graduated this spring and then flirted with the NBA draft a little bit. After NC State went on a signing frenzy I assumed that Dorn would either stay in the draft or be a graduate transfer. Neither happened as Dorn decided to come back while incoming freshman Saddiq Bey opened his recruitment back up and then signed with Villanova.

My expectations are higher than the average bear for the Pack this coming season and I expect Dorn to be a huge part of their success. While I don’t think there is a ton of room for his individual per game statistics to increase a great deal, I do think his shooting will be better both from behind the arc and at the line. Dorn’s free throw shooting has increased every year he has played at the collegiate level and his first two seasons suggest he is better than a 31% shooter from deep. I would also love to see those turnovers come down (66TO’s/46 Assists), but I think Keatts can probably live with it.

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