The ACC could look very different next season

By Mychal Hunter

As the transfer/free agent market continues to fire on all cylinders in the mid major ranks there is another seemingly mass exodus potentially happening in the premier basketball conference in the country.

The ACC could potentially be experiencing massive player turnover. Let’s look at each program and its potential losses:

Boston College: Ky Bowman, Jerome Robinson, Jordan Chatman.

Bowman and Robinson have each declared for the draft but have yet to retain an agent. Chatman, the third head to this perimeter monster is a RS Junior who will be 25 on May 21st may just be ready to get on with life.

Prediction: I expect Bowman to be back, the other two to leave.

Clemson: Marcquise Reed, Shelton Mitchell, Donte Grantham, Gabe Devoe, Mark Donnal

Grantham, Devoe and Donnal are all seniors, they are gone. Reed and Mitchell are RS Juniors who are currently testing the waters without agents.

Prediction: Reed and Mitchell both return.

Duke: Marvin Bagley III, Grayson Allen, Trevon Duval, Gary Trent, Wendell Carter, Marques Bolden.

Bagley and Duval have both declared and intend to sign with agents while Allen is obviously a graduating senior. Trent and Carter are both expected to go and there was chatter during the season that Bolden may bolt as well.

Prediction: All are gone. Though there was an article that predicted Bolden may decide to transfer. I think he jumps to the league instead, we shall see.

Florida State: CJ Walker, Braian Angola, Phil Cofer, Brandon Allen.

Allen and Angola are graduating seniors and Walker is transferring to a Midwest school soon. Cofer is still waiting to hear from the NCAA on whether or not he will be eligible this year after playing in only 11 games in the 15-16 season.

Prediction: Cofer will be back.

Georgia Tech: Tadric Jackson, Ben Lammers, Josh Okogie, Justin Moore, Brandon Alston.

Jax and Lammers are both graduating seniors and are gone. Moore is a transfer who is originally from the west coast. Look for him to lead somewhere in California. Okogie is currently testing the waters but has not hired an agent. Yellow Jacket fans are always pessimistic lot but may have legitimate concerns that Okogie’s looking to blow town if there is even a small chance he gets drafted. Good things don’t typically happen to that program, it wouldn’t be a shock to see that setback. Alston is a graduate transfer who had two to play when arriving.

Prediction: Okogie and Alston both return.

Louisville: Quentin Snider, Ray Spalding, Deng Adel, Anas Mahmoud

Jordan Nwora declared he would return today so that is Chris Mack’s first win as the Louisville Head Coach. Snider and Mahmoud are both graduating seniors and Ray Spalding has decided to hire an agent and will not return. Adel has yet to decide on his future. He tested the water last year and returned. I think he wants to go.

Prediction: All four are gone.

Miami: Lonnie Walker, Dewan Huell, Bruce Brown, JaQuan Newton.

Newton is a senior so he is gone. Walker IV has hired an agent so he is gone. Bruce Brown and Huell have both declared but not hired agents. I have never thought it was smart to declare for the draft when you are injured, especially when you weren’t playing particularly well before the injury. I think Brown is just gathering information here. Huell is a good player but not ready.

Prediction: Brown goes, Huell stays.

NC State: Lennard Freeman, Al Freeman, Sam Hunt, Omer Yurtseven, Abdul-Malik Abu.

All are gone by either graduation or in Yurtseven’s case by flat out saying so.

North Carolina: Joel Berry, Theo Pinson and Jalek Felton.

All are gone by either graduation or in Felton’s case by his own saying so. I suspect that one of the three big men could also transfer but these kids have an awful hard time leaving the Blue Blood programs. We shall see.

Prediction: More attrition on the way.

Notre Dame: Bonzie Colson, Matt Farrell, Martinas Geben, Austin Torres.

All are graduating, all are gone.

Pittsburgh: Marcus Carr, Parker Stewart, Ryan Luther, Mark Ellison, Terrell Brown, Corey Manigualt, Ken Chukwuka.

Obviously the poster child for attrition this year. Newly named Head Coach Jeff Capel did get a couple small wins with the re-commitments of Jared Wilson Frame and Shamiel Stevenson but he won’t get those the wins he needs from Carr and Stewart. The rest of the losses he is probably fine with.

Prediction: Pitt will turn to JUCO and local talent while Capel finds his footing (and his staff, I will touch on that in Sundays podcast)

Syracuse: Oshae Brissett, Tyus Battle.

Biggest news for the Orange is Bazley’s de-commitment which sucks for them (and us) as he was a great player. Syracuse fans seem to think Battle is gonzo if he gets even a whiff of this draft. Brissett is a better prospect in my mind but he seems to be on the fence.

Prediction: I think both are gone.

Virginia: Devon Hall, Isaiah Wilkins, Nigel Johnson.

All are graduating and are gone. So far no declarations for the draft. That could be the one silver lining to DeAndre Hunter’s injury.

Virginia Tech: Devin Wilson, Justin Bibbs.

Those are two pretty substantial losses but the Hokies have a ton of talent on the perimeter returning and should also get Ty Outlaw back from an injury as well.

Prediction: I wonder about the pig….

Wake Forest: Keyshawn Woods, Bryant Crawford, Doral Moore, Donovan Mitchell, Terrance Thompson, Mitchell Wilbekin.

Woods, Mitchell, Thompson and Wilbekin are all all gone by either graduation or transfer. Crawford and Moore have both declared but have not hired agents. I have said all season that Crawford would leave after this year but he didn’t have a great season.

Prediction: Crawford goes, Moore stays.

So, when you list it all out there are some very intriguing names on that list and we haven’t even made it the second week of April yet. Coaches are still putting staffs together and haven’t even begun to tamper with other school’s rosters so we are about to have a ton of fun as this list undoubtedly continues to expand. I will keep track of it all for you here.









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