ACC Tournament Predictions

By Mychal Hunter

I gave my ACC Tournament predictions on this weeks podcast but I will post them here as well.

Tuesday 3/6/18

(13)Georgia Tech vs (12) Boston College: Georgia Tech

(15) Pittsburgh vs (10) Notre Dame: Notre Dame

(15) Wake Forest vs (11) Syracuse: Wake Forest

Wednesday 3/7/18

(9) Louisville vs (8) FSU: FSU

(13) GT vs (5) NC State: NC State

(10)Notre Dame vs (7) Virginia Tech: Notre Dame

(14)Wake Forest vs (6) UNC: UNC

Thursday 3/8/18

(8)FSU vs (1)UVA: UVA

(5)NC State vs (4) Clemson: NC State

(10) Notre Dame vs (2) Duke: Duke

(6) UNC vs (3) Miami: UNC

Friday 3/9/18

(5)NC State vs (1) UVA: UVA

(6) UNC vs (2) Duke: UNC

Saturday 3/10/18

(6) UNC vs (1) UVA: UNC




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