Injuries continue to rob ACC teams/fans of star power.

By Mychal Hunter

So today it came to light that Bruce Brown will miss the next six weeks due to a foot injury. While Brown is having a somewhat disappointing season in his sophomore campaign, he remains one of the most supremely talented players in the conference.

I would love to tie this topic to something I talked about on the podcast a couple weeks ago regarding ACC scheduling but there is little evidence to support my theory. What can not be contended is the fact that we as ACC basketball fans have been robbed of watching some really talented players take the floor this season and perform. Some others have been able to play but not display their full capabilities.

Of the players currently on the shelf obviously Brown is one of the most recognizable stars along with Bonzie Colson and Matt Farrell but there are others whose absence (or possible absence) will absolutely impact the ACC during the final five and a half weeks.

  • Ty Outlaw (Knee)-People forget about this injury because it was suffered during the off season but Outlaw was primed to be a huge part of Hokies offense that is obviously very capable from the outside. In 63 career games Outlaw has shot an incredible 43.8% from three point land. Obviously he would not help where the Hokies need him the most, in the front court but he would have been another legit weapon from the outside.
  • DeAndre Hunter (Ankle)-This injury has yet to impact the ACC landscape but it certainly has potential. Hunter has been arguably Virginia’s best player over the last couple weeks and the Cavaliers should consider themselves very lucky they were able to pull out that win at Cameron after he left the game.
  • Matthew Moyer (Ankle)– Moyer has not been what we all expected after his redshirt season but he is a player that is capable of having a “Hey Now” game every now and then (ask Virginia Tech). He is not expected to play tomorrow against GT in a game that Boeheim would have probably used him quite a bit. If Syracuse is indeed going make their way to the dance a healthy Moyer makes them more formidable.
  • Ryan Luther (Foot)– This one has more to do with Pitt becoming a pushover than anything. Luther may have helped the Panthers be able to play spoiler for some teams (recently Syracuse) looking to get some easy ACC W’s but that ship has sailed. Luther may, MAY!, have kept Pitt from being the laughing stock of the conference before his season abruptly ended.
  • Abdul Malik-Abu (unknown)-This is me speculating more than anything but I don’t think he is 100% healthy. Abu was once a player that I thought had an NBA future but has really been set back by injuries. This year he has played in 16 of the Pack’s 22 games and only logged 19 minutes combined in the last two games. Something isn’t right, keep an eye on this one.
  • Donte Grantham (Knee)– This one is a killer. Clemson was rolling when the senior stretch four went down in the Notre Dame game and was torched in Charlottesville in their following game but others answered the call in Atlanta on Sunday. I think Clemson makes the dance this year but their ceiling is obviously much lower without their star big man.


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