NCAA gets an easy layup for the win. Predictably blows it.

You would think that what when a company or organization sees that it is no longer viable, no longer useful, it would jump at any lifeline thrown its way.

Roughly seven weeks ago it came to light that the NCAA drug its feet in approving Houston men’s Head Coach Kelvin Sampson the ability to deliver clothing and other donations he had gathered for the hurricane victims in the Cougars home town. The bloated suits in Indianapolis didn’t really do anything incorrect in this instance other than they have set the precedent that they are so completely unpredictable in what is a punishable offense and what is not, schools are afraid to give charitable donations to the cities in which they reside. The NCAA’s track record is so ridiculous that Kelvin Sampson, a coach that was once hit with a 5 year show-cause punishment for crimes that are now legal, was afraid for the future of his program for simply providing homeless children with shoes and clothing.

A couple weeks ago the NCAA was exposed for what it really is, a governing organization with no ability to do anything other than deny ugly kids entry to the dance, fucking the dog again by wasting three years on the an investigation into academic fraud at the University of North Carolina that they had to have known almost immediately they had no business being involved in. The three years spent investigating 18 years of egregious academic fraud resulted in a show-cause punishment of a UNC staff member who has since retired.

The NCAA was in desperate need of a win today. NC State came knocking, and handed the ball to the NCAA with the efficiency of a Freddie Brown pass for the easy layup, and the boys from Indianapolis fucked it up.

Today the NCAA released that they were upholding the decision that Braxton Beverly would be ineligible for the 2017-18 season. Beverly is the freshman guard who transferred to Raleigh from Ohio State this summer. I have spoke on this subject a couple times, but if you missed it here is a run down:

  1. Beverly committed to Ohio State on 10/10/16 and signed a LOI on 11/9/16
  2. Beverly enrolls in the May term at Ohio State in 2017
  3. Head Coach Thad Matta is unexpectedly fired from Ohio State in June
  4. Beverly leaves Columbus and enrolls at NC State

So, under NCAA transfer rules, you have sit out a year after transferring. There are no hardship waivers any longer, those went away a couple years ago. But, the NCAA is still able to grant a waiver for any reason they see fit in any situation for any student athlete. They are the ultimate dictators, and they still fucked it up.

The only thing the NCAA had to do here was realize that coaches are rarely fired during the summer, outside of a scandal coming to light of course, and this kid was the victim of extenuating circumstance. Instead, they stuck by the rule, “You commit to the school, not the coach.” Which is logic that is about as outdated as the rule of thumb.

Basically, what the NCAA is saying is, Beverly shouldn’t have gone to class, which judging by its decisions lately, the UNCAA is clearly in favor of. The organization has outlived it’s usefulness and needs to be taken out back and put down. Shit, bring it out front and put it down. Bring it out front and put it down on PPV. You know what? Bring it out front and put it down on PPV at halftime of the Super Bowl. I’d pay for that. It’s gotta be better than watching Beyonce team up with Slipknot or whatever foolishness this year is going to be. Unless she pulls a Janet Jackson. Yeah, if Beyonce is going to get her tits out you can take the NCAA out back to put it down out of sight.


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