Just when things were looking up…Josh Okogie injury is a big hurdle for Jackets

Being a Georgia Tech fan is hard man. Whenever things seem like they are going well something happens that is just deflating.

Back in 199-whatever, Dion Glover has a huge freshman campaign in Atlanta, before his sophomore season he blows his knee out. He redshirts, sits out the season, but then declares for the draft early and never played another minute for Coach Bobby Cremins. Austin Jackson gets drafted by the Yankees and decides to play professional baseball. Ra’Sean Dickey decides to go play overseas before his senior season. Jeremis Smith and Kam Holsey suffer huge knee injuries and never quite realize their potential. Jason Morris was a top 40 recruit who was robbed of any sort of consistency by injuries over his entire 4 year career. Robert Carter Jr just decided to leave town one day. Travis Jorgenson goes from being a really high ceiling point guard in high school to the 8th man, and eventually quitting basketball after a knee injury struck him down a half dozen or so games into his career. ACC freshman of the year Ed Nelson, bolts town out of the blue in favor of being a bench player at UConn. It’s fucking sickening.

Well, now once again Georgia Tech has an opportunity to be a possible tournament team, with a fantastic trio in Josh Okogie, Ben Lammers and Tadric Jackson, and Okogie has suffered a compound fracture to his left ring finger in a fucking exhibition game, and is expected to miss at least 2 months. Not to mention there still some god damn lunatic, former junkie, running around twitter slandering the GT head coach like he’s a high school girl who didn’t make the spirit squad.

Anyways, I just felt like bitching and moaning a little bit. Okogie was all over everyone’s preseason All-ACC teams, typically a 2nd or 3rd team selection. His absence is going to create an opportunity for Curtis Haywood II to really step up and get some big minutes. Out of the frying pan and into the fire CGB, you can do it.

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