ACC Hot Takes/Bold Predictions and bring back CBB DFS already

I give hot takes every day at work as I’m kind of a moody cunt. I am really glad not many people hear them a lot of the time. Somehow I was able to stay off twitter last night after I fell off the “Sober for October” train. Yeah, that crashed and burned in fantastic fashion about 16 hours ago. I woke up feeling like a failure, but then I realized, who gives a fuck. This is america Jack.

So today is a new day, and we are one day closer to the season as we are getting down to the home stretch. 20 days, I think, is the number as of the writing of this blog. On 11/10 rose pedals fall from the sky, and the velvet ropes part revealing another beautiful season of fantastic morally bankrupt college basketball, and I can’t wait to lose money wagering on it. Speaking of which, with all the shit going on in the world of College Athletics can we stop pretending that CBB DFS is bad for the game? Strippers, cocaine, sexual assault, academic fraud, embezzlement, DUI, pay for play, back room deals, fucking BBQ’s. Yeah, there are coaches out there HAVING BBQ’S! The audacity of those motherfuckers. Anyways, lets not pretend that daily fantasy sports is somehow impacting College Basketball in a negative way when Louisville is cutting checks for $100k, and kids at UNC are making Deans List without ever going to class. By the way, shout out to UNC twitter sheep that will defend Carolina until they are literally blue in the face, you are now the Alyssa Milano of College Basketball fans, just fucking delusional, wine sipping, powder blue wearing jack wagons.

Like this guy commenting on both the UNC academic fraud and the Braxton Beverly being rule ineligible in one tweet:

Anyways, hot take, bold predictions… let’s do that before I get 1000 words of hatred on the page before I get to the point.

  1.  Duke will win the National Championship. It is fairly simple, they have arguably the most talent in the country, albeit raw talent, but talent. To start the season I would probably rank them third behind Michigan State and Arizona.
  2. Boston College will start the season 12-2. The schedule is pretty weak for obvious reasons, but they play Texas Tech at Mohegan Sun for the Tip off classic on their way to a potential matchup with presumably Northwestern, and then will move on to play the teams in the Springfield bracket, none of which scare anybody. I think the Eagles have the potential to surprise some people in the OOC schedule. BC vs Northwestern interests me.
  3. Parker Stewart will lead Pittsburgh in scoring this season. Someone has to score the points right? A 6’5 CG, Stewart is a really interesting player, he can play both guard spots and was actually recruited as a point guard, but I think he will be a two in college given his shooting ability. He also has great hair.
  4. Ben Lammers averages a double-double and 4.5 blocks per game. Obviously, Lammers is my guy. This is the first prediction that gives me a bit of pause, averaging a double double is tough. If Vanilla Godzilla averages 9.6 rebounds per game I am taking that as a victory. I am confident he can get four blocks a game, that extra half is just “fuck you money”.
  5. Syracuse will finish below .500 overall It’s going to be a tough year at the Carrier Dome. The OOC is going to cause some fans to be optimistic heading into ACC play, but I don’t see it. Three out of the first five ACC games are on the road, and the home games are Notre Dame and Virginia Tech. If Brissett is the player I think he might be, the Orange could be better than I expect, but the ACC can eat freshman alive sometimes.
  6. Bruce Brown is a Naismith Finalist. At this point you guys get it right? I fucking love this guys game. 12 points , 6 rebounds, 3 assists  and 1.5 steals a game as a freshman. We all know the biggest jump comes between years 1 and 2, and now Brown will be playing with an actual point guard this year in Chris Lykes.
  7. Miami will have 3 guys average 14 points or more a game. Lets stay in Coral Gables for another prediction. Some combination of Walker, Brown, Newton and Huell will make this prediction come true.
  8. Wendell Carter will lead Duke in scoring. Rewind to 1999-2000 when Duke brought in Boozer, J-Will, Dunleavy and Horvath to join Carrawell, Battier and Nate James. Fucking hell what a team. I hated them all. Anyways, Coach K put Battier and James in the corners and they played a lot of 4 out and fed Boozer the ball. He averaged 13 as a freshman, second on the team behind J-Will. Now, the biggest difference here is the point guard is Trevon Duval and not Jay Williams. Which leads me to the next prediction…
  9. Trevon Duval will shoot less than 27% from deep. I have said this kid reminds me of Derrick Rose, and that is for more reason than one. He is lightning quick with the ball and can get into the lane in a hurry just like Rose. But, he also can’t shoot a lick just like Derrick couldn’t. Rose eventually tuned his stroke and I think his second year in the league starting stretching out defenses on his way to the MVP. I could look it up to make sure, but fuck that.
  10. Florida State doesn’t make the tournament. This one is kind of tricky for me. I picked them 8th in the conference, but I don’t think they are going to get any good wins in the OOC while the kids are coming of age.
  11. Dwayne Sutton averages double digit points for Louisville. He has been the talk of experts in early practices. A transfer from UNC-Ashville, the 6’5 guard averaged 12 points and 7.7 rebounds per game as a freshman in the Big South conference.
  12. Anas Mahmoud will block 3 shots a game. The guy is just a great shot blocker, and if he can get 23-25 minutes per game this one is easy.
  13. North Carolina States top 3 scorers will all be transfers. I expect Torin Dorn or Sam Hunt to lead this team in scoring and Al Freeman to possibly be third. All three of which are imports. Malik Abu will probably have something to say about this but Keatts teams at UNCW had a real affinity for shooting the three.
  14. Kyle Guy will average 17 ppg. If he cuts the man bun off I will bump it to 18. I think Bennett is going possibly loosen the reigns just a bit this year. His style of play is obviously starting to impact his recruiting. I don’t think you will see the effect of it for a couple years, but if Bennett is still around when Jerome/Huff/Hunter graduate and he has not adjusted his style a little bit, you are going to see this program take a step back in my opinion.
  15. Wake Forest will win the Paradise Jam. The Games being moved from the Virgin Islands to Virginia is an obvious advantage, but having Bryant Crawford and Chaundee Brown is the biggest advantage.
  16. Josh Okogie will shoot 40% from deep. The guy can’t shoot right? Wrong. He shot 38% last year. Now, I am not saying he is going to make 85 threes, but I think he will be more efficient this year.
  17. Grayson Allen will average more assists than Trevon Duval. I think you might see these two share point guard responsibilities this season. Someone is going to have to initiate some kind of offense for this team, and I think on set plays Allen will be at the helm.
  18. Quentin Snider will make an All-ACC team. This guy might be the best pure point guard in the league not named Joel Berry. I think Padgett is going to lean on him heavily this year and Snider will respond.
  19. Cameron Johnson will lead UNC in both scoring and rebounding. Another guy I am really high on this year, Johnson is going to be a terror in the open court for Carolina.
  20. Georgia Tech will finish above .500 in league play for the first time since 2003-04. This one makes my guts knot up a bit. The Jackets have the potential to be a more talented team than last year while having a worse record. I think Justin Moore will be able to handle point guard duties until Alvarado is ready. Watch out for Curtis Haywood II, early word out of Atlanta is Curt Gone Bad is a real find for Coach Pastner.
  21. Notre Dame will win the ACC tournament. I have picked Duke to win the regular season title. I have also picked Duke to win the National Championship. I think one of the things that will propel that prediction is they are going to get pasted by Notre Dame in the ACCT.
  22. Elijah Thomas will grab 10 rebounds or more 10 times this year. Another one of my favorite underrated players in the conference, the Clemson center had a total rebound percentage of 15.5% in what was really his first real season at the college level. If he can stay out of foul trouble he is going to have some huge rebounding nights.
  23. Virginia Tech will make the sweet 16. The departure of Khadim Sy hurts, a lot, but the tournament is all about guard play and this team is loaded with guards. If Clarke is full strength, which from the videos I have seen he appears to be, I think he is going to flourish in the small ball 4 spot, and NAW is going to be a great perimeter defender for the Hokies.
  24. Brandon Robinson will surpass Kenny Williams for UNC. This might be the boldest of the entire list. I like Kenny Williams, I think he is a better shooter than he has shown in his first two years. Simply put, I look at Robinson and I see Cameron Johnson. Who better to show Brandon Robinson how Cameron Johnson became Cameron Johnson than Cameron Fucking Johnson?
  25. Tyus Battle will lead the ACC in scoring. He is capable of scoring. They need him to score. He’s going to score.
  26. Florida State will start 3 freshman at some point. At some point Walker, Wilkes and Obiagu are all going to start with Walker and Mann. I would’t be shocked if they start the season that way.
  27. Brad Brownell and Jim Christian will both be fired. That is about as bold as wearing sweatpants to the grocery store, but at least I will get one of these correct.
  28. Lousville will ball out for David Padgett. The NCAA will more than likely ban the Cardinals from the tournament this year, but then again, they might not, they are acting pretty fucking retarded lately, but if they don’t Louisville will be in it. The Trent Johnson hire is a great way to start the staff, and I think this team will play with a serious chip on its shoulder.
  29. Bryant Crawford will be an NBA lottery pick. After this season Crawford will go down as one of the best point guards in Wake Forest history if he isn’t already.
  30. Sheldon Mitchell and Marquise Reed will combine to make 200 three pointers. Reed is in my top 25 players in the conference and Mitchell is on my PG’s to watch list. If Mitchell is healthy after an off season knee surgery this number is attainable. Both shoot over 40% from deep.

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