Fuck the NCAA

By Mychal Hunter

We have a saying the construction industry: Most people in construction are promoted commensurate with their level of incompetence.

The meaning behind that is, the further away from the site you can get an incompetent person, the less influence they have on the day to day, and the less likely they are to have a negative impact on the delivery of the product.

The NCAA is too close to the site, and they are impacting the delivery of the fucking product.

I shouldn’t be writing this right now. I am far too angry. In a country where the government is useless and not trustworthy, regular people like you and I look for ways to escape the frustrations of everyday life through the drama of competition. A world that should be decided on a level playing field by a diverse group of athletes that bring different skill sets to the table. Sport is a wonderful thing.

It doesn’t feel that way right now. MLB refuses to change with the times and embrace technology. The NFL is full of millionaire athletes who refuse to stand for the symbol of our nation while claiming not to be disrespecting it. Now, between the Adidas scandal, the Agent scandal, and the UNC academic fraud ruling, College Basketball appears to be such a dumpster fire you would swear that John Skipper is running the show.

In 2015, the NCAA levied sanctions against Syracuse University’s men’s basketball and football programs. Those sanctions were as follows:

1. Jim Boeheim suspended for nine ACC games in the 2015-16 season.

2. The vacation of 108 of Boeheim’s coaching victories, dropping him down to sixth on the all-time wins list in Division I.

3. A reduction of 12 scholarships over four years.

4. Fine of $500 per contest played by ineligible students.

5. Syracuse must return to the NCAA all funds it has received to date through the former Big East Conference revenue sharing for its appearances in the 2011, 2012 and 2013 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. This could cost the school more than $1 million.

6. Reduction in the number of permissible off-campus recruiters from four to two during June 1, 2015 through May 31, 2017.

7. Men’s basketball and football programs placed on five-year probation from March 6, 2015 through March 5, 2020.

That is according to an article on syracuse.com. Their crime? Not following their own written drug testing policy, which is not a requirement of the NCAA, and staff members apparently helping Fab Melo write a paper that ended up raising his final mark a full letter grade. There was some other shit, tickets to some YMCA guy and some players working at the YMCA as a capstone for their major, but nothing too egregious.

The NCAA made rulings in two pending cases today. One on an investigation that has been going on for almost 4 years, and another that has lingered for a few months.

The first was the UNC Academic fraud case in which players took classes that did not exist simply to keep them eligible. In fact, in a 2014 ESPN article that can be found here , former player Rashad McCants admitted to Outside the Lines that he went to class about half the time during his stint at UNC, and more than likely would have been ineligible during their championship season if he had not been able to take bogus classes. He also says in the article that he made the Deans List in the spring of 2005, even though he never attended any of his four classes. Also discovered during the investigation, 54 classes over a four year period were found to have little to no instructional contact. Kyle Boone of CBS sports provided a timeline of the investigation that can be found here.

Just so we are straight here, the University of North Carolina, a public university, used tax payer dollars to set up sham classes to keep basketball players eligible in order to win basketball games. That is where we are at. Evidence of this scam was traced all the way back to 1993, and as recently as 2011. Eighteen fucking years. Apparently, the University of North Carolina spent $1MM for every year they cheated, $18MM in legal fees was the magic number as today the NCAA ruled that they could not conclude that UNC had committed any violations.

Did anyone call Rashad? I mean, I just provided an on the record version of his story that, to my knowledge, he has never disputed.

This is the NCAA’s mission statement:

Core Purpose: Our purpose is to govern competition in a fair, safe, equitable and sportsmanlike manner, and to integrate intercollegiate athletics into higher education so that the educational experience of the student-athlete is paramount.

Read that last part again. “Integrate intercollegiate athletics into higher education so that the educational experience of the SA is paramount.” Can someone look up the word paramount for me? Oh. Apparently it means, “more important than anything else.” The educational experience of the student athlete is more important than anything else.

As the FBI temporarily burns the apparel companies house of recruiting influence to the fucking ground exposing the filthy underbelly of college recruiting, the NCAA had a real opportunity here to show the world that it was not an absentee landlord and can be objective in punishing the criminal elements within its organization. The ruling today showed that it does not care that the world knows it is corrupt, and there is not a thing anyone can do about it.

Compare the above Syracuse “scandal” with academic fraud shown in the UNC case. Compare it to Bruce Pearls BBQ. Demaryius Thomas receiving $312 dollars in clothing from a relative? The NCAA crucified Kelvin Sampson, and all the shit he did is legal now!

So all that happened this morning. Then, something else happened that is getting very little press. Rob Dauster did a story on it god love him, and he provided the kind of commentary that solidifies the reason why he is one of my favorite college basketball journalists.

Braxton Beverly, a player I have commented on before, finally received a ruling in his eligibility today. Beverly is the former Ohio State recruit who enrolled in summer classes in Columbus before Thad Matta was fired. When Matta was let go Beverly transferred to NC State. Under normal transfer rules as we all know, players are required to sit a year after transferring. Today the NCAA ruled that Beverly was ineligible and must observe normal transfer restrictions. This is so fucking heartless I almost expected Mark Emmert to hold a press conference where he just said, “Cobra!”, before he jumped in a plane and flew away.

So in one day the NCAA rules in two separate cases. In one it cannot punish a program that used ineligible players for nearly 20 years, and in the other it ruled a player ineligible for taking summer classes to get a head start on his college education, which is paramount remember, and was unfairly held to the archaic transfer rule even when the coach he felt comfortable with was unexpectedly fired.

Fuck you Mark Emmert. Fuck you NCAA Infractions Committee, and fuck you University of North Carolina, you cheating fucks.


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