Duke is now the National Title favorite and I hate it.

By Mychal Hunter

My next release was going to be the #11 team in my ACC preseason prediction series. However, after a team in the ACC lands a top 9 prospect in 2018 class on Sunday, and then lands possibly the best NBA prospect since Lebron James the following day, who then reclassifies to play immediately, I have to comment on that.

For those who may not have seen Marvin Bagley III play he is an incredible combination of size, speed, agility, defense and vision. In my opinion he is the best prospect since Lebron. A 6’11 rim protector who can drag your 6’10 stiff out onto the perimeter and work him over in space and look damn good doing it, Bagley also reclassified to play in the 2017-18 season Monday night, giving the Blue Devils the best prospect I have seen in 10+ years as well as the best point guard I have seen since Derrick Rose for the upcoming season. Yes, Trevon Duval was going to be my pick for conference player of the year over Bonzie Colson. The combination of Duval and Bagley is going to go down in ACC history as one of the best duos of all-time and the expectation has been set for Coach K to win his 6th National Championship.  Check out the videos below. Duval does it all and Bagley has handle, runs the floor, great body control and great hands.



Both Duval and Bagley will be OAD players and both will almost certainly be top 5 picks in the 2018 NBA Draft, but that’s no concern for the bane of the ACC. The Blue Devils also picked up a signature from Tre Jones on Sunday, August 13th to join Duke for the 2018-19 season. Jones brother is current Minnesota Timberwolves point guard and former Duke player and national champion, Tyus Jones. That particular recruitment wasn’t a difficult one to predict.

This blog is dedicated to the entire ACC, but I am an admitted and proud Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets fan. What’s good for the conference is good for my program both monetarily and socially. That said, I fucking hate Duke. It is the highest form of flattery for Blue Devils fans and I must admit I loathe them because of their relentless success. It will be interesting to see what happens when Coach K retires.

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