ACC Preseason Projections-#15-Pitt

When starting this site I was thinking, what sets me apart? Why am I special? Why should people read this? The answer is I have no idea.  I am not PC. I am not offended. I am not a safe space. I don’t care about whats popular and I don’t care about clicks.  If you’re offended by what I say on this blog than you can stop reading. I don’t want your patronage. This is not a safe space, no prisoners will be taken. This is my blog and all that matters is I am honest about what I think and that is the glory of this forum. Buckle up, this is Cones take……

When I decided to start this blog I knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to write about the ACC. I love the ACC. Its the greatest basketball in the greatest conference in the  country. It was not a problem to decide the first installments should be a preview to the upcoming season. What better way for people to pick you apart than to give them some concrete predictions to come back and haunt you a year later. Fuck em, I’m in. You don’t like my predictions, put your own thoughts on record. Here we go for the ACC 2017-18 season:


#15-Pittsburgh Panthers

It was a rough off-season for the Zoo. Ten players left the program. That is a loss of 66.4 ppg, 28.1 rpg, and 12.2 rpg… and change. I don’t include the players whose contribution is minimal.

Historical players such as Michael Young and Jamel Artis are now professional players, Cameron Johnson is now at UNC. James Robinson is graduated and Sheldon Jeter has escaped Kevin Stallings and his fucking vengeful transfer procedures for a second time. Not a great look for Stallings by the way. He continuously looks terrible when kids want to get away from him.

All things considered Stallings’ unlike-ability didn’t completely kill Pitts recruiting. Recruits are coming to Pitt and they aren’t really that terrible. They are just small:

Projected Starting 5:

Jared Wilson-Frame-Transfer-NW Florida CC: Jared had offers from UConn, UGA, Providence, VCU among others in 2015 but went the JUCO route. He has good size for the wing at 6’5 230 lbs at the D1 level and the talent to contribute immediately for a program that needs it. He averaged 16 ppg 5 rpg and 4apg at the JUCO level.

Ryan Luther-5.7 ppg 3.9 rpg: Probably the most important player for the Panthers this season. Hes been here done that and also hes one of the only players that stayed after Stallings first season…Yeah its on him.

Marcus Carr-6’2 PG from Montverde, 3*: Eventually he will form a nice back court with Parker Stewart (if they both stick around) but for right now they are going to be freshman in the best conference in the country.

Parker Stewart-6’5 G-A former Ole Miss commit that unexpectedly decommitted and ended up in Pittsburgh. This young man can score and he has a super hair-do. At the end of the day he is a freshman playing in a young lineup. Will possibly lead the team in scoring.

Terrell Brown-Im not sure he will start. He is a true freshman who is 6’10 and kind of a mystery. He did have an offer from big man factory Purdue. Pitt needs some size and he is a big boy. We will see.


This team is terrible. The program ran off Jamie Dixon because they thought they were something they weren’t and now they are stuck with Stallings, whom the fan base already despises. In the first 10 months of Kevin Stallings  10 scholarship players including one that has fled him twice have left the roster, some to graduation of course, but a lot that were just running. This is a true rebuild and I am not sure it is completed by Stallings. He did a quality job landing Carr and Stewart at the 25th hour. In two years they could be an ACC quality back court. Currently the front court is worthy of an America East last place team. If they are able to land the commitment of Kenechukwu Chukwuka they may have a front court that will at least compete but for the most part Chukwuka is just a big body, not an impact player. He averaged 3ppg and 4rpg at New Mexico JC. He did shoot 31% from three though.

Stallings was a terrible hire after a terrible decision to run Dixon off who is now revitalizing a long hibernating TCU program. The proof is in the results and Pitt fans got a little too big for their britches. To say they deserve a struggling program is an understatement. Eventually Stallings will be fired and hated and Pitt will reset under a young and upstart hire and they will wonder where they went wrong. Hopefully someone remembers the offseason of 2016 when they made the dumbest decision in program history.

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